2008 USQ Course specifications - S

Course Description Sem ONC WEB EXT
SCI3301 Science Project S1         EXT
S2         EXT
SCI4401 Science Honours Project A S1 Toowoomba        
SCI4402 Science Honours Project B S2 Toowoomba        
SCI4403 Special Study in Science S1 Toowoomba        
S2 Toowoomba        
SCI4405 Research Practice and Ethics S1 Toowoomba        
S2 Toowoomba        
SCI4407 Complementary Studies A S1 Toowoomba        
SCI4408 Complementary Studies B S2 Toowoomba        
SCI9000 Master of Science Dissertation Part Time (Mathematics) S1 Toowoomba        
S2 Toowoomba        
SCI9001 Master of Science Dissertation Part Time (Science) S1 Toowoomba        
S2 Toowoomba        
SCI9002 Master of Science Dissertation Full Time (Mathematics) S1 Toowoomba        
S2 Toowoomba        
SCI9003 Master of Science Dissertation Full Time (Science) S1 Toowoomba        
S2 Toowoomba        
SCI9101 Science Masters Project 1 S1 Toowoomba        
SCI9102 Science Masters Project 2 S2 Toowoomba        
SCI9103 Science Masters Project 3 S2 Toowoomba        
SCI9104 Science Masters Project 4 S1 Toowoomba        
SCI9105 Science Masters Project 5 S1 Toowoomba        
SCI9106 Science Masters Project 6 S2 Toowoomba        
SCI9107 Science Masters Project 7 S1 Toowoomba        
S2 Toowoomba        
SCI9108 Science Masters Project 8 S2 Toowoomba        
SEC2505 Curriculum Implementation in the Middle Years S1 Toowoomba Fraser Cst      
SEC2506 Curriculum Implementation in the Senior School S1 Toowoomba Fraser Cst      
SEC3102 Enhancing Learning Through Assessment and Reporting S1 Toowoomba Fraser Cst      
SEC3206 Catering for Diverse and Special Needs S1 Toowoomba Fraser Cst      
SEC3207 School Community and Classroom Relations S2 Toowoomba Fraser Cst      
SEC3411 Literacies for Learning S1 Toowoomba Fraser Cst      
SEC3503 Professional Context Curriculum Project S1 Toowoomba Fraser Cst      
S2 Toowoomba Fraser Cst      
SOC1000 Approaches to the Social Sciences S1 Toowoomba       EXT
S2         EXT
SOC1001 Conflict and Peace S1 Toowoomba       EXT
SOC3000 Collaborative Community Problem Solving S2       WEB  
SPE1002 Autism Spectrum Disorder S1 Toowoomba   Springfld    
SPE1005 Promoting Mental Health S2 Toowoomba   Springfld    
STA2300 Data Analysis S1 Toowoomba       EXT
S2 Toowoomba Fraser Cst Springfld   EXT
S3     Springfld   EXT
STA2301 Distribution Theory S1 Toowoomba       EXT
STA2302 Statistical Inference S2 Toowoomba       EXT
STA3300 Experimental Design S1 Toowoomba       EXT
STA3301 Statistical Models S2 Toowoomba       EXT
STA8103 Stochastic Process Modelling S1 Toowoomba        
STA8302 Advanced Statistical Methods S2 Toowoomba        
STA8304 Time Series S1 Toowoomba        
STM1001 Stage Management 1 S1 Toowoomba        
STM1011 Technical Production 1 S1 Toowoomba        
STM2002 Stage Management 2 S2 Toowoomba        
STM2003 Stage Management 3 S1 Toowoomba        
STM2004 Stage Management 4 S2 Toowoomba        
STM2012 Technical Production 2 S2 Toowoomba        
STM2013 Technical Production 3 S1 Toowoomba        
STM2021 Stage Design 1 S2 Toowoomba        
STM2022 Stage Design 2 S1 Toowoomba        
STM3005 Technical Production and Management 1 S1 Toowoomba        
STM3006 Technical Production and Management 2 S2 Toowoomba        
STM3023 Stage Design 3 S2 Toowoomba        
STM3024 Stage Design 4 S1 Toowoomba        
STU7100 Aeronautical Study Abroad S1 Toowoomba        
S2 Toowoomba        
STU7200 Sailing Study Abroad S1   Fraser Cst      
S2   Fraser Cst      
STU7300 Skydiving Study Abroad S1     Springfld    
S2     Springfld    
STU7400 Internship Study Abroad S1 Toowoomba Fraser Cst Springfld    
S2 Toowoomba Fraser Cst Springfld    
SVY1101 Geology and Surveying S2 Toowoomba   Springfld   EXT
SVY1102 Surveying A S1 Toowoomba       EXT
SVY1104 Survey Computations A S2 Toowoomba       EXT
SVY1110 Introduction to Global Positioning System S2 Toowoomba       EXT
SVY1901 Surveying Practice 1 S1 Toowoomba        
S3         EXT
SVY2105 Survey Computations B S2         EXT
SVY2106 Geodetic Surveying A S1 Toowoomba       EXT
SVY2301 Automated Surveying Systems S1 Toowoomba       EXT
SVY2302 Mine Surveying S1 Toowoomba       EXT
SVY2303 Construction Surveying S2 Toowoomba       EXT
SVY2902 Surveying Practice 2 S1 Toowoomba        
S3         EXT
SVY2903 Surveying Practice 3 S2 Toowoomba        
S3         EXT
SVY2905 Geology and Surveying Practice S1         EXT
S2 Toowoomba   Springfld    
S3         EXT
SVY3107 Geodetic Surveying B S2 Toowoomba       EXT
SVY3201 Urban Design and Development S2         EXT
SVY3202 Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing S1 Toowoomba       EXT
SVY3304 Cadastral Surveying S2 Toowoomba       EXT
SVY3904 Surveying Practice 4 S3         EXT
SVY4203 Urban and Regional Planning S1         EXT
SVY4306 Land Law and Valuation S2         EXT
SVY4309 Practice Management for Spatial Scientists S1         EXT