2008 USQ Course specifications - V

Course Description Sem ONC WEB EXT
VIS1000 Option Foundation S1 Toowoomba        
VIS1001 Introduction to Studio Practice S1 Toowoomba        
VIS1011 Foundation Studies in History of Art S1         EXT
VIS1021 Technology and Design S1 Toowoomba        
VIS1100 Elements of Visual Design S1         EXT
VIS2002 Visual Arts Practice 1 S2 Toowoomba        
VIS2003 Visual Arts Practice 2 S1 Toowoomba        
VIS2004 Visual Arts Practice 3 S2 Toowoomba        
VIS2012 Visual Cultures S2 Toowoomba        
VIS2013 Philosophies of Visual Aesthetics S1 Toowoomba        
VIS2014 Artists, Works and Processes S2 Toowoomba        
VIS2022 Studio Project 1 S2 Toowoomba        
VIS2023 Studio Project 2 S1 Toowoomba        
VIS2024 Studio Project 3 S2 Toowoomba        
VIS3000 Issues in Professional Development S1 Toowoomba        
VIS3005 Visual Arts Practice 4 S1 Toowoomba        
VIS3006 Visual Arts Practice 5 S2 Toowoomba        
VIS3015 Visual Research Methods S1 Toowoomba        
VIS3016 Visual Research Project S2 Toowoomba        
VIS3025 Studio Project 4 S1 Toowoomba        
VIS3026 Exhibition and Documentation S2 Toowoomba        
VIS4000 Studio Practice and Project Development S1 Toowoomba        
VIS4002 Visual Aesthetics S2         EXT
VIS4003 Studio Project, Exhibition and Dissertation A S1 Toowoomba        
VIS4004 Studio Project, Exhibition and Dissertation B S2 Toowoomba        
VIS8000 Post Colonial Studies S1         EXT
VIS8001 Studio Research Development S1 Toowoomba        
S2 Toowoomba        
VIS8002 Exhibition and Dissertation Development S2 Toowoomba        
VIS8005 Exhibition and Dissertation S2 Toowoomba        
VIS8006 Exhibition And Dissertation Development A S1 Toowoomba        
VIS8007 Exhibition And Dissertation Development B S2 Toowoomba        
VIS8008 Exhibition and Dissertation A S1 Toowoomba        
VIS8009 Exhibition and Dissertation B S2 Toowoomba