2009 USQ Course specifications - J

Course Description Sem ONC WEB EXT
JRN1000 Introduction to Journalism S1 Toowoomba       EXT
S3         EXT
JRN2000 News Reporting S2 Toowoomba       EXT
JRN2001 Publication Layout and Design S1 Toowoomba       EXT
JRN2002 Radio Journalism S1 Toowoomba        
JRN2003 Feature Writing S2 Toowoomba       EXT
JRN2004 Public Affairs Reporting S1 Toowoomba       EXT
JRN2005 Broadcast Reporting S2 Toowoomba        
JRN2006 Media Law and Ethics S2 Toowoomba       EXT
JRN3000 Independent Study S1         EXT
JRN3001 Journalism Publication S2 Toowoomba       EXT
JRN3002 Broadcast Newsroom S1 Toowoomba