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SCI9011 Master of Science Research Project A

Semester 1, 2011 On-campus Toowoomba
Units : 1
Faculty or Section : Faculty of Sciences
School or Department : Biological & Physical Sciences

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Examiner: Grant Daggard
Moderator: Don Gorman


Pre-requsite: Student must be enrolled in the following Program: MSCR


This course is part of a supervised research project which provides opportunities for motivated and highly qualified students to undertake advanced study and to produce a research-based dissertation. Students develop the appropriate research skills and specialist knowledge which will enhance their career prospects or allow them to undertake further studies. The emphesis of the programme is on developing the appropriate knowledge and skills to undertake independent research and professional practice.


Full-time candidates undertaking Master of Science (Research) will enrol in this course in the first semester of their program. The subject of their Research Project will be decided in consultation with their Project Supervisors and the Faculty of Sciences.


  1. demonstrate their ability to proceed with the proposed research topic.
  2. if appropriate, gained ethical clearance for their project
  3. demonstrated their ability to think analytically, critically and creatively about a chosen research topic and related issues within the area of specialisation chosen
  4. demonstrated competence in each component of quantitative or qualitative research processes viz; identification and analysis of research problems, formulation of research aims, research questions and/or hypotheses, selection of appropriate research methodology and method, effective application of ethical research procedures, collection of relevant data, appropriate analysis of data, suitable interpretation/discussion of data, and formulation of appropriate conclusions and recommendations for research and/or practice
  5. present a seminar within the Faculty, outlining the project background and aims.


Description Weighting(%)
1. To be determined by the supervisor in consultation with the student. 100.00

Text and materials required to be purchased or accessed

ALL textbooks and materials available to be purchased can be sourced from USQ's Online Bookshop (unless otherwise stated). (

Please contact us for alternative purchase options from USQ Bookshop. (

  • There are no texts or materials required for this course.

Reference materials

Reference materials are materials that, if accessed by students, may improve their knowledge and understanding of the material in the course and enrich their learning experience.
  • (To be determined by the student's supervisor).

Student workload requirements

Activity Hours
Private Study 150.00
Seminars 1.00

Assessment details

Description Marks out of Wtg (%) Due Date Notes
Introductory Seminar 100 98 02 Mar 2011 (see note 1)
Progress Report 1 1 02 Mar 2011 (see note 2)
Project Proposal 1 1 02 Mar 2011 (see note 3)

  1. Examiner will advise date of introductory seminar.
  2. Examiner will advise due date of Supervisors Report
  3. Examiner will advise date of project proposal

Important assessment information

  1. Attendance requirements:
    It is the students' responsibility to attend and participate appropriately in all activities (such as lectures, tutorials, research group discussions, laboratories and practical work) scheduled for them, and to study all material provided to them or required to be accessed by them to maximise their chance of meeting the objectives of the course and to be informed of course-related activities and administration.

  2. Requirements for students to complete each assessment item satisfactorily:
    To satisfactorily complete an individual assessment item a student must achieve at least 50% of the marks or a grade of at least C-. To complete the progress report satisfactorily, students must submit the report and gain the Examiner and Supervisor?s approval to continue with the project. They will then be awarded the 1 mark for their report. To complete the project proposal satisfactorily, students must submit the proposal (using the template provided) and gain the Faculty Research and Higher Degree Committee approval to continue the project. They will then be awarded the 1 mark for their project proposal.

  3. Penalties for late submission of required work:
    If students submit assignments after the due date without (prior) approval of the examiner then a penalty of 5% of the total marks gained by the student for the assignment may apply for each working day late up to ten working days at which time a mark of zero may be recorded.

  4. Requirements for student to be awarded a passing grade in the course:
    The course will be graded. To be assured of receiving a passing grade a student must achieve at least 50% of the total weighted marks available for the course.

  5. Method used to combine assessment results to attain final grade:
    The final grades for students will be assigned on the basis of the aggregate of the weighted marks /grades obtained for each of the summative assessment items in the course.

  6. Examination information:
    There is no examination for this course.

  7. Examination period when Deferred/Supplementary examinations will be held:
    There will be no Deferred or Supplementary examinations in this course.

  8. University Student Policies:
    Students should read the USQ policies: Definitions, Assessment and Student Academic Misconduct to avoid actions which might contravene University policies and practices. These policies can be found at

Assessment notes

  1. In accordance with University policy, the examiner may grant an extension of the due date of an assignment in extenuating circumstances.

  2. Students who, for medical, family/personal, or employment-related reasons, are unable to complete an assignment or to sit for an examination at the scheduled time may apply to defer an assessment in a course. Such a request must be accompanied by appropriate supporting documentation. One of the following temporary grades may be awarded IDS (Incomplete ? Deferred Examination; IDM (Incomplete Deferred Make-up); IDB (Incomplete - Both Deferred Examination and Deferred Make-up). Students may be required to provide a copy of assignments.

  3. The Introductory seminar in this course will normally be marked by a panel of two reviewers (both of whom are normally internal) who are selected in consultation with the Faculty Research and Higher Degree Committee at the commencement of the students? candidature.

  4. Completion of the final course in the Master of Science (Research) program is by dissertation examination.

  5. In the absence of an approved alternative (such as APA for Psychology students), students should use the Harvard (AGPS) as the default referencing style in their assignments to format details of the information sources they have cited in their work. The Harvard (AGPS) style to be used is defined by the USQ Library's referencing guide. // Students may be granted permission to use an alternative system at the time at which the project is approved.