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Course Description
BIO1101 Biology 1
BIO1203 Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIO1401 Grape and Wine Science
BIO2103 Biology 2
BIO2201 Biochemistry 1
BIO2202 Plant Physiology
BIO2203 Systems Physiology
BIO2204 Plant Diversity
BIO2205 Introductory Microbiology
BIO2207 Genetics
BIO2208 Introductory Ecology
BIO2209 Cell Biology
BIO2210 Animal Diversity
BIO2211 Bioinformatics
BIO2401 Wine Science 1
BIO2405 Introductory Microbiology for Wine Science
BIO2901 Current Topics in Biomedical Sciences
BIO3092 Communicable Diseases and Infection Control 1
BIO3094 Communicable Diseases and Infection Control 2
BIO3301 Biochemistry 2
BIO3302 Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology
BIO3307 Plant Breeding
BIO3309 Molecular Biology
BIO3312 Entomology
BIO3313 Pharmacology
BIO3314 Applied Ecology
BIO3315 Medical Microbiology 2
BIO3317 Medical Microbiology 1
BIO3318 Plant-Microbe Interactions
BIO3319 Landscape Ecology
BIO3323 Endocrine and Neurophysiology
BIO3333 Cardiorespiratory and Sports Physiology
BIO4101 Advanced Neuroendocrine Physiology 1
BIO5095 Epidemiology, Surveillance and Statistical Methods
BIO5501 Graduate Diploma of Science Project 1
BIO5502 Graduate Diploma of Science Project 2
BIO8101 Advanced Neuroendocrine Physiology 2
BUS4003 Honours Discipline Theory and Practice
BUS4004 Honours Discipline Theory and Practice A
BUS4401 Honours Thesis
BUS8001 Masters Dissertation E (Continuing)
BUS8101 Business Project A
BUS8102 Business Project B
BUS8103 Business Project C
BUS8104 Business Project D
BUS8201 Masters Dissertation A
BUS8202 Masters Dissertation B
BUS8203 Masters Dissertation C
BUS8204 Masters Dissertation D