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Course Description
ECE1005 Thinking and Movement in Early Childhood Education
ECE1006 Health in Early Childhood
ECE1101 The Young Child: Development and Ecology
ECE1102 Literacies in Early Childhood
ECE2003 Early Childhood Arts Education
ECE2008 Emerging Numeracy
ECE2010 Learning Through Play
ECE2017 Exploring Science and Technology in Early Childhood
ECE2018 Early Childhood Music and Drama Education
ECE2104 Families and Society
ECE2108 Care and Education Settings
ECE2109 Educational Partnerships in Early Childhood
ECE2112 Understanding and Managing Young Children
ECE3003 Teacher as Action Researcher
ECE3005 Study of Society and Environment
ECE3007 Current Issues and Trends
ECE3019 Emerging Literacies in Early Childhood Education
ECE3103 Play-based Pedagogies in Early Childhood
ECE3104 Early Childhood Education Curriculum Design P-3
ECE4009 Early Childhood Professional
ECE4010 Leadership and Management in Early Childhood Settings
ECE4012 Cross Cultural Communication in Early Childhood
ECE4020 Mathematics Teaching
ECE4023 Science and Technology Education
ECE4104 Diversity in Young Children
ECE5001 Aesthetics in Early Childhood Arts
ECE5007 Developing Matters in Early Childhood Education
ECE8003 Families, Children and Change
ECE8004 The Reflective Early Childhood Practitioner
ECE8006 Issues in Early Intervention
ECO1000 Economics
ECO2000 Macroeconomics for Business and Government
ECO2001 Microeconomics for Business and Government
ECO3000 Global Economics and Trade
ECO3001 Applied Econometrics
ECO3002 Economic Policy Analysis
ECO5000 Economics for Managers
ECO8001 Information Markets
ECO8002 Environmental Economics for Sustainable Growth
ECO8003 Economic Development and Politics
ECP1001 Professional Experience 1
ECP1002 Professional Experience 2
ECP2001 Professional Experience 3
ECP2002 Professional Experience 4
ECP3001 Professional Experience 5
ECP3002 Professional Experience 6
ECP4002 Professional Experience 8
EDU1010 Introduction to Curriculum and Pedagogy
EDU1122 History of Educational Ideas
EDU1141 Australian Indigenous Studies
EDU1144 Identity and Culture
EDU1421 Mathematics Education 1
EDU1431 Science for Schools 1
EDU1441 Studies of Society and Environment
EDU1451 Arts Education
EDU1452 Manipulating Marks and Models
EDU1461 Physical Education and Health Education - New Agendas
EDU1471 Technology Education
EDU1472 Designing for Presentation Using Information Communication Technology
EDU1473 Technology for Teachers
EDU2142 (Multi) Culture(s)
EDU2321 Establishing an Inclusive Setting
EDU2322 Behaviour Management
EDU2411 Literacies Education 1
EDU2421 Mathematics Education 2: Reflection, Decision Making and Pedagogy
EDU2431 Science Education 2
EDU2432 Physical Science for Teachers
EDU2451 Art and Media
EDU2452 School Musical Instruments and Musicianship
EDU2453 Learning Through The Senses
EDU2461 Teaching and Learning in Physical Education
EDU2462 Bio-Physical Foundations of Physical Activity 1
EDU2472 Web Publishing for Educators
EDU2490 Hooking Kids on Learning
EDU2491 Cultivating Successful and Resilient Young Adolescents
EDU3321 Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities
EDU3322 Teaching Students with High Support Needs
EDU3323 Introduction to Educational Assessment
EDU3324 Professional Communication Skills
EDU3341 Teaching in Small Rural Communities
EDU3412 Literacies Education 2
EDU3415 Texts in the Middle Years: Repertoires of Flexible Practice
EDU3416 Multiliteracies
EDU3431 Earth and Biological Science for Teachers
EDU3453 Arts Technology and Teaching
EDU3454 Drama for Educators
EDU3461 Socio-Cultural Foundations of Physical Activity
EDU3462 Practical Studies in Physical Education 2
EDU3464 A Social View of Health
EDU3465 Acquiring Motor Skill
EDU3472 Information Communication Technology and the Thinking Classroom
EDU3473 Information Communication Technology for Educators
EDU3481 Introduction to Language and Second Language Teaching
EDU3482 Second Language Teaching Methodology
EDU4222 Educational Use of Computers in the Mathematics Classroom
EDU4351 Supervised Project 1
EDU4411 Art and Illustration in Children's Literature
EDU4412 Realism and Fantasy
EDU4414 The Oral Tradition in Children's Literature
EDU4451 Arts Curriculum
EDU4461 Curriculum and Pedagogy Studies in Health and Physical Education
EDU4471 Understanding and Supporting Information Communication Technology in Education
EDU4472 Internet for Learning
EDU5111 The Adolescent Learner
EDU5211 Curriculum Leadership and Management
EDU5212 Educational Evaluation
EDU5213 Curriculum Theory and Development
EDU5321 Educating Students with Special Needs
EDU5322 Teaching Students with Special Needs: Behaviour Management
EDU5351 Supervised Project 2
EDU5411 Contemporary Issues in Literacy Education
EDU5421 Problem Solving as a Constructivist Vehicle in Learning Science/Mathematics
EDU5422 Mathematics and Science in Life and History
EDU5431 Technology in Mathematics/Science Education
EDU5432 Science for Primary and Early Childhood Educators A
EDU5451 Semiotic Codes
EDU5461 Leadership in Curriculum and Pedagogy in Physical and Health Education
EDU5471 Computer Based Resources in Education
EDU5472 Computing in Education
EDU8211 Curriculum Theory
EDU8221 Professional Learning
EDU8222 Critical Pedagogy
EDU8223 Teachers Practical Theories
EDU8311 Concepts and Theories in Educational Management
EDU8312 Educators as Leaders: Emerging Perspectives
EDU8314 Human Resource Strategies for Innovation
EDU8315 Managing Resources in the New Organisation
EDU8317 Educational Measurement and Assessment in Inclusive Education
EDU8318 Organisational Transformation Through Learning
EDU8319 Marketing Your Educational Organisation
EDU8321 Learning Disabilities: Theory and Practice
EDU8322 Teaching Students with Severe Adjustment Problem
EDU8324 Learning Difficulties: Reading
EDU8326 Learning Difficulties: Mathematics
EDU8327 Topics in Inclusive Education
EDU8328 Consultation and Communication: Theory and Practice
EDU8331 Developing and Evaluating Career Guidance and Education Programs in Educational Settings
EDU8332 Introduction to Educational Counselling
EDU8333 Advanced Educational Counselling
EDU8334 Conflict Management
EDU8335 Emotional and Behavioural Problems of Child and Adolescents
EDU8415 Multi-Modal Texts and New Literacies
EDU8416 Investigating Literacy Practices in the Classroom
EDU8417 Issues in Children's Literature Education
EDU8431 Authentic Assessment
EDU8432 Multi-modal Representations of Knowing
EDU8461 Sport, Culture and Social Theory
EDU8463 Physical Literacy
EDU8601 Advanced Studies in Professional Practice
EDU8602 Advanced Studies in Specialisation
EDU8604 Educational Research Ethics and Data Management
EDU9601 Preliminary Research and Pilot Study
EDU9611 Proposal for Research 1
EDU9612 Proposal for Research 2
EDU9613 Conduct of Research 1
EDU9614 Conduct of Research 2
EDU9615 Conduct of Research 3
EDU9616 Conduct of Research 4
EDU9617 Presentation and Dissemination of Study 1
EDU9618 Presentation and Dissemination of Study 2
ELC1101 Introduction to Electronic Commerce
ELE1301 Computer Engineering
ELE1502 Electronic Circuits
ELE1801 Electrical Technology
ELE1911 Electrical and Electronic Practice A
ELE2101 Control and Instrumentation
ELE2103 Linear Systems and Control
ELE2303 Embedded Systems Design
ELE2501 Electronic Workshop and Production
ELE2503 Electronic Systems
ELE2504 Electronic Design and Analysis
ELE2601 Telecommunications Principles
ELE2603 Telecommunications Systems
ELE2702 Electrical Measurement and Analysis
ELE2704 Electricity Supply Systems
ELE2912 Electrical and Electronic Practice B
ELE2913 Electrical and Electronic Practice C
ELE3105 Computer Controlled Systems
ELE3107 Signal Processing
ELE3305 Computer Systems and Communications Protocols
ELE3307 Real Time Systems
ELE3401 Software Engineering Design Principles
ELE3506 Electronic Measurement
ELE3803 Electrical Plant
ELE3805 Power Electronics Principles and Applications
ELE3807 Power Systems Analysis
ELE3913 Computer Systems Engineering Practice
ELE3914 Electrical and Electronic Practice D
ELE3915 Electrical and Electronic Practice E
ELE3916 Software Engineering Team Practice
ELE4402 Software Engineering Project Management
ELE4605 Fields and Waves
ELE4606 Communication Systems
ELE4607 Advanced Digital Communications
ENG1001 Principles of Professional Engineering and Surveying
ENG1100 Introduction to Engineering Design
ENG1101 Engineering Problem Solving 1
ENG1901 Engineering Practice 1
ENG2002 Technology and Society
ENG2102 Engineering Problem Solving 2
ENG3003 Engineering Management
ENG3103 Engineering Problem Solving 3
ENG3902 Professional Practice 1
ENG3905 Mechatronic Practice
ENG4004 Engineering Management Science
ENG4104 Engineering Problem Solving 4
ENG4110 Engineering Research Methodology
ENG4111 Research Project Part 1
ENG4112 Research Project Part 2
ENG4406 Robotics and Machine Vision
ENG4903 Professional Practice 2
ENG8001 Engineering and Surveying Research Methodology
ENG8002 Project and Dissertation
ENG8011 Assessment of Future Specialist Technology
ENG8101 Technological Impact and its Management
ENG8104 Asset Management in an Engineering Environment
ENG8207 Technological Innovation and Development
ENG8300 Self-Assessment Portfolio
ENG8301 Engineering Workplace Portfolio
ENG8302 Problem Solving and Design Portfolio
ENG8305 Engineering Operations Portfolio
ENG9011 Independent Research in Engineering and Surveying 1
ENG9012 Independent Research in Engineering and Surveying 2
ENG9021 Independent Research in Engineering and Surveying 1
ENG9022 Independent Research in Engineering and Surveying 2
ENG9023 Independent Research in Engineering and Surveying 3
ENG9041 Independent Research in Engineering and Surveying 1
ENG9042 Independent Research in Engineering and Surveying 2
ENG9043 Independent Research in Engineering and Surveying 3
ENG9044 MEng Studies Administration
ENL1000 Literature, Criticism, Culture
ENL1001 Narrating Australia
ENL2002 Nineteenth Century Literature
ENL2003 Narrative and Texts
ENL3000 Modern Literature
ENL3002 Popular Literature
ENL3003 Special Study in Literature
ENL3004 The Literary Canon: How to Read Great Books
ENL4000 Critical Theory: Pure and Applied
ENL4001 Cultural Theory and Popular Culture
ENL4005 Honours Dissertation A
ENL4006 Honours Dissertation B
ENL4011 Great Victorian Writers
ENL4012 Transforming Classics
ENL8000 Master Dissertation A
ENL8001 Master Dissertation B
ENS7203 English - Level 1 (5 Weeks)
ENS7204 English - Level 2 (5 Weeks)
ENS7205 English - Level 3 (5 Weeks)
ENS7206 English - Level 3 International Communication (IC) 5 Weeks
ENS7303 English - Level 1 (10 Weeks)
ENS7304 English - Level 2 (10 Weeks)
ENS7305 English - Level 3 (10 Weeks)
ENS7306 English - Level 3 International Communication (IC) 10 Weeks
ENS7403 English - Level 1
ENS7404 English - Level 2
ENS7405 English - Level 3
ENS7406 English - Level 3 International Communication (IC) 15 Weeks
ENS7407 English for TESOL
ENV1101 Hydraulics for Technologists
ENV2102 Applied Hydrology
ENV2103 Hydraulics I
ENV2201 Land Studies
ENV2901 Soil and Water Engineering Practice 1
ENV3104 Hydraulics II
ENV3105 Hydrology
ENV3904 Environmental Engineering Practice
ENV4106 Irrigation Science
ENV4107 Water Resources Engineering
ENV4203 Public Health Engineering
ENV4204 Environmental Technology
ENV5205 Solid and Liquid Waste Treatment