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Course Description
FDN7420 Foundation Academic Communication
FDN7430 Essential Mathematics for Business
FDN7451 Foundation Business Studies
FDN7452 Foundation Accounting
FET2200 Current Post-Compulsory Education and Training Context
FET2400 Society and Education
FET3101 Evaluation in Instructional Settings
FET3102 Assessing Learning Outcomes
FET3551 Workplace Literacy
FET4103 Industry Placement for Educators
FET4220 Instructional Psychology: Lifelong Learning
FET4320 Changing Boundaries in Secondary Schools: Implications for Teaching and Learning
FET4501 Management Issues in Training
FET4510 Instructional Strategies for Unfamilar Instruments
FET4511 The School Ensemble
FET4512 Management and Organisation of an Instrumental Music Program
FET4513 Current Issues in Instrumental Music
FET4640 Teaching and Learning in a Flexible Environment
FET5201 Current Issues in Post-Compulsory Education and Training
FET5302 Tertiary Teaching Capacity Enhancement: Reflection and Evaluation
FET5502 The Learning Organisation
FET5600 Online and Distributed Learning
FET5601 Instructional Design for Flexible Learning
FET5602 Theories for Learning Futures
FET5621 Introduction to Web Publishing
FET5622 Creating Interactive Multimedia
FET5660 Supervised Independent Study
FET8601 Online Teaching: Strategies and Tactics
FET8602 Evaluating Innovative Educational Programs
FET8603 Assessment: Principles and Practices
FET8604 Online Pedagogy in Practice
FET8605 Building Communities of Practice
FET8606 Lifelong Career Development
FET8607 Contemporary Debates in Lifelong Learning
FET8610 Creating Educational Web Environments
FET8611 Emerging Environments for Learning
FET8640 Technology Management and Organisational Development
FET8660 Masters Project 1
FET8661 Masters Project II
FET8662 Virtual Conference - Contemporary Education Issues
FET8801 Research Methods in Education
FIN1101 Financial Management
FIN1103 Financial Markets
FIN1106 Personal Financial Planning
FIN2101 Finance Theory and Applications
FIN2105 Investment Management
FIN2108 Credit Analysis and Lending Management
FIN2109 Managing Financial Institutions
FIN2301 e-Finance
FIN3106 International Finance
FIN5411 The Planning Environment
FIN5412 Investments and Planning
FIN5414 Managed Investments
FIN5415 Superannuation
FIN5416 Insurance Markets and Products
FIN8101 Corporate Finance
FIN8102 Global Financial Markets
FIN8103 Investment Management Strategies
FIN8104 International Financial Management
FIN8105 Financial Information Analysis
FIN8107 Financial Risk Management
FIN8301 e-Finance and Banking
FOE1000 Professional Communication in Education
FOE1002 Ideas of Education
FOE2000 Education as a Career: Explorations of the Professional Self
FOE2001 Human Development and Learning