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Course Description
NSC1931 Anatomy and Physiology
NSC1951 Biophysical Science Foundations
NSC2180 Physiology and Pharmacology Foundations
NSC2921 Microbiology and Immunology
NSC3620 Physiology and Pathophysiology 1
NSC3630 Physiology and Pathophysiology 2
NUR1010 Introductory Nursing 1
NUR1020 Psychosocial Foundations of Nursing 1
NUR1090 Medications: Concepts and Calculations
NUR2010 Introductory Nursing 2
NUR2020 Medical Surgical Nursing 1
NUR2030 Medical Surgical Nursing 2
NUR2040 Medical Surgical Nursing 3
NUR2050 Medical Surgical Nursing 4
NUR2070 Psychosocial Foundations of Nursing 2
NUR3040 Gerontics and Cross-Cultural Issues
NUR3050 Professional Issues in Nursing
NUR3060 Nursing Research
NUR3070 Primary Health Care
NUR3075 Child, Youth and Family Health
NUR3080 Indigenous Health and Primary Health Care
NUR3090 Acute Care Nursing
NUR3100 The Beginning Practitioner
NUR3230 Trends and Perspectives in Nursing
NUR3250 Contemporary Nursing Issues
NUR3650 Advanced Health Assessment
NUR5520 Introduction to Counselling Skills
NUR5521 Understanding Rural and Remote Area Practice
NUR5522 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
NUR8030 Health Organisation and Development
NUR8040 Qualitative Research Methods
NUR8340 The Law and Health Care Practice
NUR8510 The Reflective Practitioner and Theorist
NUR8550 Professional Studies 1
NUR8560 Professional Studies 2
NUR9010 Master of Nursing/Midwifery/Health Project A
NUR9011 Master of Nursing/Midwifery/Health Project B
NUR9021 Master of Health Dissertation A
NUR9022 Master of Health Dissertation B
NUR9023 Master of Health Dissertation C
NUR9024 Master of Health Dissertation D