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Course Description
TEA2204 The Emerging Practitioner
TEA2205 Contemporary Learning Environments
TEA2301 Instruction: Theory and Practice
TEA3110 Professional Experience 2
TEA3201 Partners in Decision Making
TEA3202 Variable Teaching Contexts
TEA3203 Philosophy, Ethics and Professional Practice for Primary
TEA3204 Exploring Professional Practice
TEA3301 Instructional Practice: Reflection and Experimentation
TEA3302 Professional Studies Project I
TEA3401 Designing Educational Programs
TEA4103 Multilevel Education in Early Childhood
TEA4104 Diversity in Early Childhood Education
TEA4201 The Beginning Teacher
TEA4203 Professional Practices in Primary Education
TEA4204 The Professional Educator
TEA4302 Professional Studies Project II
TEA4321 Alternative Models of Instruction
TEA5101 Exploring Teaching and Learning in Tertiary Contexts: A Critical Self-Analysis
THS1000 Introduction to History and Theory of Drama 1
THS1001 Theatre Production: Practice, Analysis and Criticism 1
THS1002 Introduction to Theatre Company Practice
THS2000 Introduction to History and Theory of Drama 2
THS2001 Theatre Production: Prac Analysis & Criticism 2
THS2002 Community and Political Theatre
THS2003 Children's and Young People's Theatre
THS2005 Australian Theatre and Drama
THS2008 Modern Theatre and Drama
THS3001 Theatre Production 1
THS3002 Theatre Production 2
THS3003 Special Theatre Study
THS3004 Issues in Professional Development A
THS3005 Issues in Professional Development B
THS4000 Classical Theatre: Theory and Practice
THS4001 Modern Theatre: Theory and Practice
THS4002 Methodologies of Performance Analysis
THS4003 Honours Seminar 1: Theatre
THS4004 Honours Seminar 2: Theatre
THS4006 Honours Dissertation - Theatre A
THS4007 Honours Dissertation - Theatre B
THS5000 Arts Policy and Practice Seminar
THS8000 Arts Management Project A
THS8001 Arts Management Project B
THS8003 Strategic Arts Management
TPP7110 Orientation to Tertiary Study
TPP7120 Studying to Succeed
TPP7130 Focus on Study
TPP7140 Appreciating Literature
TPP7150 Chemistry An Introductory Course
TPP7160 Preparatory Physics
TPP7170 Human Development: Childhood to Adolescence
TPP7180 Preparatory Mathematics
TPP7181 Mathematics Tertiary Preparation Program Level A
TPP7182 Mathematics Tertiary Preparation Program Level B
TPP7183 Mathematics Tertiary Preparation Program Level C
TPP7184 Mathematics Tertiary Preparation Program Level D
TPP7190 Preparatory Computing