ELE2501 Electronic Workshop and Production (FOENS)

Semester 2 (EXT)Toowoomba

Units 1.0 (Electrical, Electronic Enginee) Band 2

Pre-requisite: ELE1801 and ELE1502


A technical officer or professional engineer, employed in the electrical and electronic industry, will at some time be involved in the design and development of electronic equipment. A knowledge of manufacturing processes and construction practice is therefore necessary; whether developing new processes, improving existing processes, using manual skills "hands on" or supervising others using these skills. The information presented in this course will provide the necessary background to manufacturing processes and the manual skills necessary to develop a final product. The aim of this course is to enable the student to comprehend the principles of modern manufacturing processes and to acquire competency in the design, construction and documentation of electronic equipment. The principles of component selection, printed circuit design using CAD software, fabrication and assembly techniques are presented and modern automated assembly using surface mount technology is introduced.