CIS2005 Principles of Information Security (FOBUS)

Semester 2 (ONC)Toowoomba (EXT)Toowoomba

Semester 6 (EXT)Toowoomba

Units 1.0 (Security Science) Band 2

Students who have not previously completed CIS1000 or CSC1401 at USQ will need to have prior knowledge/experience with introductory computing concepts. Students are required to have access to a personal computer, e-mail capabilities and Internet access to UConnect. Current details of computer requirements can be found at <>.


The increased reliance on information technology and communications (ICT) technology and in particular Internet protocol based (IP) networks including the Internet to enhance business functions and store information means students must have an understanding of the vulnerabilities and threats which systems face and the controls or countermeasures which can prevent or limit their effect. It is a goal of this course for students to develop skills and knowledge to evaluate information security situations, identify specific issues and clearly communicate appropriate recommendations. The ongoing commitment to information systems security including ethical and privacy considerations that organisations need to take is also stressed in this course.