FET8610 Creating Educational Web Environments (FOEDU)

Semester 1 (WEB)Toowoomba

Units 1.0 (Education Studies) Band 5

Pre-requisite: FET5621 or demonstrated ability and competence in building and publishing web sites is required in order to successfully undertake this course.


The course examines feaures and uses of current and emerging online environments and their potential applicability to learning and teaching activities. Effective use of the Web requires educators to reconceptualise teaching and learning for an online world. The course introduces students to exploring and selectively applying education-related web resources, critically examining educational use of the Internet and designing their own pedagogically effective instructional web sites. This course is designed for educators and trainers across a range of educational settings and sectors - in the formal education of schools and tertiary institutions, and in industries, businesses and community sectors. Students will be expected to actively use the Internet as their primary means of working within the course. In addition to producing traditional academic papers, students will design and develop instructional web environments - both collaboratively and indepenently. NOTES: 1. This course (FET8610) is available through INTERNET DELIVERY ONLY. There are NO print materials for this course. 2. For details of the technical requirements and accessing Internet study materials, please consult the following URL: http://usqconnect.usq.edu.au.