MGT1000 Organisational Behaviour (FOBUS)

Semester 1 (ONC)Toowoomba (ONC)Springfld (EXT)Toowoomba

Semester 2 (ONC)Fraser Cst (EXT)Toowoomba

Semester 3 (EXT)Toowoomba

Semester 6 (EXT)Toowoomba

Units 1.0 (Organisation Management) Band 3A

Students are required to have access to a personal computer, e-mail capabilities and Internet access to USQConnect. Current details of computer requirements can be found at <>.


This course will open the door and set you on your way to being a better manager in the workplace. MGT1000 provides an essential foundation for professional business education as it not only introduces students to many workplace and management issues, but also introduces students to a range of academic writing, research and scholarship activities. Organisational behaviour and management is the discipline base for the course. This discipline assumes that the people within an organisation have a major impact on its effectiveness. This course aims to provide students with a scholarly understanding of human behaviour within organisations. There are three major areas of human behaviour that are studied. First, at the level of the individual, attributes and processes such as personality, motivation, perception, job satisfaction and job performance are identified and the managerial implications for enhancing individuals' performance are considered. Second, at the group level, the important attributes of group dynamics and conflict resolution are identified and the managerial implications for developing high performing teams are considered. Third, at the organisation-wide level, structure and culture are considered as major challenges to managers who are seeking quality outcomes.