MID8075 Midwifery and Critical Care (FOSCI)

Semester 3 (EXT)Toowoomba

Units 1.0 (Midwifery) Band 4

Pre-requisite: MID8001 and MID8070 and MID8073 and MID8074 and be enrolled in Program: MMID


The student will develop knowledge and skills in the assessment and safe care of women who experience deviations from normal childbirth. The course extends students previous learning about the complications of childbearing to prepare them to diagnose and manage obstetric emergencies such as antepartum haemorrhage, postpartum haemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, preterm labour, breech delivery and cord prolapse. The students will extend their neonatal physical assessment skills and make clinical judgments about when and what kind of resuscitation is required for the neonate. Students will participate in providing care to the sick newborn that is an inpatient of a special care nursery unit and learn the principles of stabilizing and preparing the seriously ill newborn for transport to a referral hospital. Attendance at the Residential School is compulsory unless the student can provide evidence of recent attendance (within last year) at an Advanced Life Support Obstetrics (ALSO) course or equivalent.