PRL8005 Management Communication (FOART)

Semester 2 (EXT)Toowoomba

Units 1.0 (Public Relations) Band 3A

Pre-requisite: Students must be enrolled in one of the following Programs: MPRL or GCPR


This course is designed to enable students to evaluate the role of key conceptual frameworks that underpin the organisational structures and communication practices of organisations. The course reviews a range of influential approaches to organisational communication including: traditional Classical and Scientific approaches; Human Relations approaches; Eastern based Philosophical approaches; along with Neo-Classical Economic and Free Market Economy approaches. Students in this course will critically analyse and evaluate factors of influence stemming from these approaches in shaping functional organisational cultures and effective communication and information distribution through organisations at a range of key points including communication between: individuals; within and between work teams; across organisational networks and the role and practices of management.