PRL8006 Strategic Communication Project (FOART)

Semester 2 (EXT)Toowoomba

Units 1.0 (Sales and Marketing not elsewh) Band 3A

Pre-requisite: PRL8003


As students draw closer to meeting the full requirements for graduating from the course, it is absolutely essential that they have the opportunity to integrate and synthesise the knowledge and competencies developed to date in relation to their professional responsibilities. The course highlights the importance of project planning and considers the processes of planning, scheduling and resource allocation. It also includes descriptors on project monitoring and performance measurement, in the project environment. It provides a framework for planning, scheduling, analysis and resource allocation and integration by focusing attention on the development of an organisation's strategic directions, strategic capabilities and internal and external dynamics. Students will be able to draw upon some of the critical concepts, techniques and information from other courses studied in order to develop informative and comprehensive responses to a major communication or public relations project and/or campaign. Students are encouraged to explore the practical and experimental application of communication techniques and their theories to their project. The planning, documentation, production, and management of the project will be the major activities of the course. Students will be responsible for all aspects of the project development phases.