2010 USQ Course synopses - A

Course Description
ACC1101 Accounting for Decision-Making
ACC1102 Financial Accounting
ACC2113 Management Accounting I
ACC2115 Company Accounting
ACC3040 Sustainable Business
ACC3101 Accounting Information Systems
ACC3114 Management Accounting II
ACC3116 Accounting and Society
ACC3118 Auditing
ACC5202 Accounting
ACC5213 Cost and Management Accounting
ACC5215 Corporate Accounting
ACC5216 Accounting Theory
ACC5218 Auditing Practice
ACC5502 Accounting for Managers
ACC8101 Finance and Accounting for Sustainability
ACC8104 Environmental Management Accounting
ACC8105 Financial Statement Analysis
ACC8106 Forensic Accounting
ACT3026 Acting 6
AGR2301 Agricultural Science
AGR2302 Agricultural Machinery
AGR2902 Field Practice
AGR3304 Soil Science
AGR3305 Precision and Smart Technologies in Agriculture
AGR3903 Soil and Water Engineering Practice 2
AGR3905 Agricultural Engineering Practice
AGR4305 Agricultural Soil Mechanics
ANP5001 Introduction to Rural and Remote Nursing Practice
ANP5002 Immunisation Nursing
ANP5003 Emergency Care
ANP5004 Emergency Mental Health and Reproductive Health Care
ANP8001 Cultural Awareness and Safety
ANP8003 Management in Health Care Practice
ANT1000 World Archaeology: An Introduction
ANT1001 Introductory Anthropology
ANT2002 Anthropology of Illness and Health
ANT2007 Ethnographic Methods: Making Anthropology
ANT3000 Archaeology of Indigenous Australia
ANT3001 Anthropology of Order: Making Sense
ANT4001 Advanced Contemporary Anthropological Theory
ANT4002 Contemporary Issues and Debates in Anthropology
ASC2101 Biology 2 (Accelerated)
ASC2102 Chemistry 2 (Accelerated)
AST2002 Contemporary Issues in Asia
AST3001 Change in Contemporary China