CSC3418 Computer Games Programming (FOSCI)

Semester 2 (ONC)Toowoomba (EXT)Toowoomba

Units 1.0 (020115) Band 2

Pre-requisite: CSC2402 or CIS3001 or USQIT16

Recommended Pre-requisite: CSC3406


This course brings the current research and tools for creating computer games and presents them to the student in a tutorial-based approach. It provides an in-depth examination of 3D game environment programming in JavaScript with DirectX, 3D modelling, player behaviour and believable character development. It will cover areas of particular interest to the International Game Developers Association such as best programming practices, pathfinding, decision trees, finite state machines, rule-based systems and goal-oriented action planning. This course follows the programmatic evolution of a computer game through the use of game engine APIs towards a student team developed game application.