2010 USQ Course synopses - C

Course Description
CDS1000 Introduction to Community Welfare and Development
CDS1001 Human Relations and Communications
CDS2000 Ethical Issues and Human Rights
CDS2001 Sustainability Concepts and Issues
CDS2002 Independent Project 1
CDS3000 Independent Project 2
CDS3001 Assessment in Counselling: Record Keeping and Report Writing
CDS3002 Counselling Theory and Practice
CHE1110 Chemistry 1
CHE2120 Chemistry 2
CIS1000 Information System Concepts
CIS1101 Introduction to Electronic Commerce
CIS2000 Systems Analysis and Design
CIS2002 Database Design and Implementation
CIS2003 Component Based Software Development
CIS2005 Principles of Information Security
CIS2200 Advanced Office Applications: Access and Word
CIS2202 Advanced Office Applications: Excel and PowerPoint
CIS3001 Object-Oriented Programming with Java
CIS3002 Business Analysis
CIS3003 Networks and Distributed Systems
CIS3007 Enterprise Systems Development and Architecture
CIS3008 Information Technology Service Management
CIS3009 Enterprise Resource Systems
CIS3010 Oracle Development
CIS5001 Information Systems for Managers
CIS8004 Business Systems Planning and Implementation
CIS8008 Business Intelligence Systems
CIS8009 Management of Business Data Communications and Telecommunications
CIS8010 Information Systems Project Management
CIS8011 Emerging Information Technologies
CIS8018 Information Security for Managers
CIS8100 Global Information Systems Strategy
CIV1501 Engineering Statics
CIV2403 Geology and Geomechanics
CIV2502 Structural and Building Technology
CIV2503 Structural Design I
CIV2601 Job Organisation
CIV2605 Construction Engineering
CIV2701 Road Design and Location
CIV2702 Municipal Services
CIV2901 Geology and Geomechanics Practice
CIV3403 Geotechnical Engineering
CIV3505 Structural Analysis
CIV3506 Concrete Structures
CIV3603 Construction Methods
CIV3703 Transport Engineering
CIV3906 Civil Materials Practice
CIV3907 Civil Systems Practice
CIV4508 Structural Design II
CIV4908 Civil Design Practice
CIV5704 Road and Street Engineering
CLI1110 Weather and Climate
CLI2201 Climate Change and Variability
CLI3110 Advanced Climatology
CLI8204 Global Environmental Systems
CMS1000 Communication and Scholarship
CMS1008 Building Professional Nursing Attributes A
CMS1009 Communication in Academic and Professional Contexts
CMS1010 Introduction to Communication Studies
CMS1012 Introduction to Media Studies
CMS1013 Australian Television
CMS1100 Communicating in the Sciences
CMS2012 Introduction to Communication Research
CMS2013 Cinema Text and Theory
CMS2014 New Hollywood Cinema
CMS2016 Communication, Technology and Policy
CMS3010 Environmental Discourses: Democracy, Science & Economics
CMS3012 Theories and Discourses of Power
CMS4001 Issues in Professional Communication
CMS4006 OzFilm: Image and Industry
CMS8000 Professional Communication Dissertation
CMS8001 Professional Communication Dissertation A
CMS8002 Professional Communication Dissertation B
CMS8010 Communication Research Methodology
CSC1401 Foundation Programming
CSC1402 Foundation Computing
CSC2401 Algorithms and Data Structures
CSC2402 Object-Oriented Programming in C++
CSC2404 Operating Systems
CSC2406 Web Technology
CSC2407 Introduction to Software Engineering
CSC2408 Software Development Tools
CSC2409 High Performance Numerical Computing
CSC3400 Database Systems
CSC3403 Comparative Programming Languages
CSC3406 Computer Graphics
CSC3407 Network Fundamentals and Routing
CSC3412 System and Security Administration
CSC3413 Network Design and Analysis
CSC3414 Portfolio Project A
CSC3415 Portfolio Project B
CSC3418 Computer Games Programming
CSC3419 XML and the Web
CSC3420 Mobile Internet Technology
CSC3427 Switching, Wireless and WAN Technologies
CSC8407 Wireless and Internet Technology
CSC8408 e-Commerce Technology
CSC8409 XML and Semantic Web Services
CSC8410 Independent Studies in Computing/Mathematics/Statistics A
CSC8411 Independent Studies in Computing/Mathematics/Statistics B
CSC8415 Computer Network Programming
CSC8416 Advanced Programming in Java
CSC8417 Advanced Web Data Management
CSC8419 Cryptography and Security
CSC8480 Computing Complementary Studies A
CSC8490 Computing Complementary Studies B
CST7001 Mathematics for Living
CTU3010 Critical Thinking for Business
CTU3060 Ethics and Leadership