EDU8111 Emerging Environments for Learning (FOEDU)

Semester 3 (WEB)Toowoomba

Units 1.0 (070303) Band 5


Theories, including constructivism and connectivism, associated with the design and adoption of learning environments will be reviewed with a focus on developing understanding of how theory can inform effective design and implementation of learning environments appropriate to a variety of contexts such as formal education, workplaces, and leisure. Students will be introduced to sources and communities from which they can obtain knowledge of current developments in learning environments and associated theories and technologies. They will collaborate to identify and evaluate relevant knowledge from a variety of sources and will be encouraged to participate as members of relevant professional communities. They will construct shared artefacts that contribute to the professional discourse of emerging learning environments and demonstrate appropriate design of learning environments for specific purposes. Where appropriate, students will work with emerging and experimental technologies.