EDU8704 New Pedagogies (FOEDU)

Semester 2 (WEB)Toowoomba

Units 1.0 (070301) Band 5


The course will explore the impetus for and the effects of a move to the decolonization of education generally, and will focus specifically on "new" (to Western eyes) pedagogies such as Red pedagogy (Sandy Grande), Kaupapa Maori pedagogy (Linda Tuiwhai Smith, Graham Smith, Russell Bishop), Native Hawai'an pedagogy (Manulani Meyer) and Islamic perspectives on knowing (Christopher Stonebanks). A major intention here is to then connect the Western critical tradition to these emerging decolonialist pedagogies. Major theorists in the critical pedagogical field and the intellectual and activist traditions in which they have worked will be presented, as will specific examples of new critical pedagogy in practice.