FET5621 Introduction to Web Publishing (FOEDU)

Semester 3 (WEB)Toowoomba

Units 1.0 (070303) Band 5


This introductory course examines research-based web design concepts of usability, accessibility and site architecture. Through critiquing established sites and publishing their own content on the web, students apply basic web design principles and development strategies, to the development of an integrated site designed to reach a target audience and achieve intended goals. Current challenges of publishing on the web will be addressed. NOTES: 1. This course (FET5621) is available through INTERNET DELIVERY ONLY. Although there are NO print materials for this course, students are encouraged to procure relevant support texts for their HTML Editor. 2. For details of the technical requirements and accessing Internet study materials, please consult the following URL: http://usqconnect.usq.edu.au.