2010 USQ Course synopses - F

Course Description
FDN7420 Foundation Academic Communication
FDN7430 Essential Mathematics for Business
FDN7451 Foundation Business Studies
FDN7452 Foundation Accounting
FET5601 Learning Design for Flexible Contexts
FET5621 Introduction to Web Publishing
FET8605 Building Communities of Practice
FET8606 Lifelong Career Development
FIN1101 Introduction to Financial Management
FIN1103 Financial Markets
FIN1106 Personal Financial Planning
FIN2101 Finance Theory and Applications
FIN2103 Business Data Forensics
FIN2105 Portfolio Management
FIN2108 Credit Analysis and Lending Management
FIN2109 Managing Financial Institutions
FIN2301 e-Finance
FIN3106 International Finance
FIN5000 Financial Management
FIN5003 Decision Support Tools
FIN5412 Financial Planning
FIN5414 Managed Investments
FIN5415 Superannuation and Retirement Planning
FIN5416 Insurance and Risk Management
FIN8102 Global Financial Markets
FIN8103 Investment Management Strategies
FIN8104 International Financial Management
FIN8107 Financial Risk Management
FIN8301 e-Finance and Banking