2010 USQ Course synopses - I

Course Description
IMH5001 Concepts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
IMH5002 Indigenous Australian Mental Health Today
IMH5003 Culturally Appropriate Intervention Strategies in Indigenous Mental Health
IND1000 Indonesian 1A
IND2000 Indonesian 1B
IND2021 Intermediate Indonesian A
IND2022 Intermediate Indonesian B
IND3001 Advanced Indonesian A
IND3002 Advanced Indonesian B
INR1000 International Relations in a Globalizing Era
INR1001 Global Transitions and Human Security
INR2000 Issues in a Globalizing World
INR3000 Australian Foreign Relations
INR3001 Special Study in International Relations
INR3003 War and Terrorism: Introduction to Strategic Studies
INR4010 International Relations: Guided Topics
INR4011 Australia and Asia - Issues