KNL1001 Indigenous Cultural Identity (FOART)

Semester 1 (ONC)Toowoomba

Semester 2 (EXT)Toowoomba

Units 1.0 (090311) Band 1


The content of this course explores concepts of Indigenous identity at a variety of levels: individual or personal identity, group identity, international perceptions of identity from indigenous and non-indigenous perspectives, an historical view of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies and identities, ideas of contemporary Australian identity, and a view to the future. During this course of study, learners will be introduced to: Cultural, social and environmental factors affecting personal and group identity, Events and concepts affecting notions of Australian identity, Indigenous social and cultural identities and how these have been affected by historical events, The effects of media and literature on development of views of Indigenous Australian identities, Possible futures in Australian notions of identity and inclusiveness.