KNL3001 Indigenous Australian Cultures and Communities (FOART)

Semester 1 (EXT)Toowoomba

Semester 2 (EXT)Toowoomba

Units 1.0 (090311) Band 1


The central core of the course is the presentation of Indigenous Australian perspectives and viewpoints to correct the imbalance in knowledge and understanding of Australia's history which has predominated since invasion. Consideration is given to the concepts of culture, society and group and individual identity. The course investigates aspects of Indigenous Australian cultures including, kinship, languages and land affiliation. The emphasis is placed on having an understanding and appreciation of Indigenous Australian attitudes. The content and structure of this course will emphasize the need for a sound theoretical and philosophical understanding of cultural interaction and difference in community and relationship connections, confronting stereotypes that have been constructed around Australia's Indigenous populations, and reconstructing those images on a basis of knowledge and understanding of, and empathy towards, those people who are the original inhabitants of this country. Throughout the course, four major constructs will be explored: (i) contested views of historic and contemporary Indigenous Australian cultures, societies and identities; (ii) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contemporary social, political and economic situations; (iii) policies and practices in relation to social issues for Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander peoples; (iv) identifying strategies for reducing social disadvantage