2010 USQ Course synopses - L

Course Description
LAC1001 Language Survival Skills
LAC1002 Language, Peoples and Places
LAC2001 Language, Culture and Custom
LAC2002 Language, History and Identity
LAC3001 Language and the Contemporary World
LAC3002 Language and Culture Special Project
LAC3003 Language and Culture Special Project A
LAW1101 Introduction to Law
LAW1201 Legal Process and Research
LAW1202 Law in Context
LAW2104 Business and Consumer Law
LAW2106 Law of Business Organisations
LAW2107 Environmental Law
LAW2201 Contract A
LAW2202 Contract B
LAW2203 Torts A
LAW2204 Torts B
LAW2205 Criminal Law A
LAW2206 Legal Conflict Resolution
LAW2301 e-Law
LAW3104 Management Law
LAW3110 Insolvency and Restructuring Law
LAW3130 Revenue Law and Practice
LAW3131 Revenue Law and Practice II
LAW3201 Constitutional Law A
LAW3202 Administrative Law
LAW3203 Property Law A
LAW3204 Property Law B
LAW3205 Equity
LAW3206 Trusts
LAW3210 Theories of Law
LAW3405 Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Law
LAW3421 Family Law
LAW3422 Succession Law
LAW3423 Criminal Law B
LAW3443 Public International Law
LAW3461 Constitutional Law B
LAW4401 Capstone Research Project
LAW5201 Commercial Law
LAW5206 Corporations Law
LAW5219 Income Tax Law and Aspects of Company Law
LAW5230 Taxation Law
LAW5501 Advanced Legal Process and Research
LAW5502 Advanced Law in Context
LAW5503 Australian Law and Business
LAW5504 Comparative Law and Business
LAW5601 Advanced Contract A
LAW5602 Advanced Contract B
LAW5603 Advanced Torts A
LAW5604 Advanced Torts B
LAW5605 Advanced Criminal Law A
LAW5606 Advanced Criminal Law B
LAW5701 Advanced Constitutional Law A
LAW5702 Advanced Administrative Law
LAW5703 Advanced Property Law A
LAW5704 Advanced Property Law B
LAW5705 Advanced Equity
LAW5706 Advanced Trusts
LAW5712 Advanced Constitutional Law B
LAW5713 Advanced Capstone Research Project
LAW8074 Project Legal Issues
LAW8105 Corporate Governance Law
LAW8220 Goods and Services Tax
LIN5000 The Nature of Language
LIN5003 Syllabus Design and Materials Writing
LIN8001 Principles of Second Language Learning
LIN8002 Methodology in Teaching a Second Language
LIN8006 Computer-Assisted Language Learning
LIN8007 Language Testing
LIN8015 Introduction to Sociolinguistics