2010 USQ Course synopses - M

Course Description
MAC1901 Mathematics for Teachers
MAT1000 Mathematics Fundamentals
MAT1001 Business Mathematics Fundamentals
MAT1008 Building Professional Nursing Attributes B
MAT1100 Foundation Mathematics
MAT1101 Discrete Mathematics for Computing
MAT1102 Algebra and Calculus I
MAT1200 Operations Research 1
MAT1500 Engineering Mathematics 1
MAT1502 Engineering Mathematics 2
MAT2100 Algebra and Calculus II
MAT2500 Engineering Mathematics 3
MAT3103 Mathematical Modelling for Dynamics
MAT3105 Harmony of Partial Differential Equations
MAT8180 Mathematics/Statistics Complementary Studies A
MAT8190 Mathematics/Statistics Complementary Studies B
MEA1000 Elements of Multimedia
MEA1001 Single Camera Production
MEA1002 Creative Editing
MEA1003 Audio Production 1
MEA1004 Cinematic Language
MEA2000 Scriptwriting for Creative Media
MEA2001 Location Sound and Image
MEA2002 Production Design for Media
MEA2003 Through the Lens
MEA2004 Animation Production 1
MEA2005 2D and 3D Modelling
MEA3000 Television Studio Practice
MEA3001 Animation Production 2
MEC1201 Engineering Materials
MEC2101 Thermodynamics
MEC2106 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
MEC2202 Manufacturing Processes
MEC2301 Design of Machine Elements
MEC2304 Solid Modelling
MEC2401 Dynamics I
MEC2402 Stress Analysis
MEC2405 Machine Dynamics
MEC2901 Mechanical Practice 1
MEC2902 Mechanical Practice 2
MEC3102 Fluid Mechanics
MEC3203 Materials Technology
MEC3204 Production Engineering
MEC3302 Computational Mechanics in Design
MEC3303 System Design
MEC3403 Dynamics II
MEC3903 Mechanical Practice 3
MEC3904 Mechanical Practice 4
MEC3905 Mechatronic Practice
MEC4103 Heat Transfer
MEC4104 Energy Technology
MEC4406 Robotics and Machine Vision
MGT1000 Organisational Behaviour
MGT1001 Human Resource Management
MGT1200 Business Communication
MGT2000 Staffing and Remuneration
MGT2001 Management of Workplace Health and Safety
MGT2002 Managing Organisations
MGT2004 People Development
MGT2006 Employment Relations
MGT2007 Leadership
MGT2008 Managing Knowledge
MGT2060 International Business Environment and Operations
MGT2103 Business Logistics
MGT2104 Supply Chain Design
MGT2201 Administrative Management
MGT3001 International Management
MGT3002 Leading Organisational Change
MGT3004 Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
MGT3008 Wine Business Management
MGT3100 Quality and Performance Management
MGT3102 Supply Chain Operations
MGT3200 Information Management
MGT3201 Applied Administration
MGT5000 Management and Organisational Behaviour
MGT8002 Strategic Management
MGT8003 Supply Chain Management
MGT8014 Human Factors
MGT8015 Corporate Occupational Health and Safety
MGT8016 Occupational Health and Occupational Hygiene
MGT8017 Safety Science in Practice
MGT8021 Project Sustainability Management
MGT8022 Project Management Framework
MGT8024 Project Quality, Risk and Procurement Management
MGT8025 Project Scope, Time and Cost Management
MGT8027 Project Human Resources, Communications and Integration Management
MGT8028 Project Tendering and Contracting
MGT8030 Performance Management and People Development
MGT8031 Global Issues in Employment Relations
MGT8033 Leading Organisational Change
MGT8034 Strategic Management of Human Resources and Innovation
MGT8035 Management Consulting
MGT8037 Team Leadership
MGT8038 Leadership Development
MGT8039 Strategic Leadership
MGT8040 Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity
MGT8070 Property Development
MGT8072 Property Ownership Management
MGT8888 Specialist Elective
MGT9601 Doctor of Business Administration Dissertation A
MGT9602 Doctor of Business Administration Dissertation B
MGT9603 Doctor of Business Administration Dissertation C
MGT9604 Doctor of Business Administration Dissertation D
MGT9605 Doctor of Business Administration Dissertation E
MGT9606 Doctor of Business Administration Dissertation F
MGT9607 Doctor of Business Administration Dissertation G
MGT9608 Doctor of Business Administration Dissertation H
MHN3110 Counselling Skills for Health Professionals
MHN5120 Advanced Mental Health Nursing 1
MHN5130 Counselling and Group Work
MHN5160 Advanced Mental Health Nursing 2
MHN5170 Healing and Therapeutics
MID8001 Preparation for Midwifery Practice
MID8070 Midwifery Foundations
MID8073 Midwifery and Collaborative Care 1
MID8074 Midwifery and Collaborative Care 2
MID8075 Midwifery and Critical Care
MID8076 Sustaining Midwifery Partnerships
MID8077 Researching Practice
MKT1001 Introduction to Marketing
MKT1002 Consumer Behaviour
MKT2001 Promotion Management
MKT2002 International Marketing
MKT2004 Marketing Channels
MKT2012 Services Marketing
MKT2020 Sports Marketing
MKT3001 Applied Business Research
MKT3002 Business Strategy in a Global Environment
MKT3005 Marketing Elective
MKT3006 Small and Medium Enterprise Development (SMED)
MKT3007 Marketing Strategy
MKT5000 Marketing Management
MKT8001 Buyer Behaviour
MKT8002 International Marketing and Management
MKT8003 Services Marketing Management
MKT8009 Integrated Marketing Communication
MMS1003 Fundamentals of Media
MMS1011 Location Production
MMS1012 Editing
MMS1013 Production Management
MMS2011 Television Studio Production
MMS2021 Broadcast Radio 1
MMS2022 Broadcast Radio 2
MMS2023 Documentary Production
MMS2031 Short Narrative Production
MMS3013 Media Production Project A
MMS3014 Media Production Project B
MMS3021 Major Film Production
MMS3022 Interactive Television Production
MSC8001 Research Project Methodology
MSC8002 Research Project Dissertation
MUI1000 Aural Skills and Tonal Harmony
MUI1001 Music Practice 1
MUI1002 Music Practice 2
MUI1003 Historical Musicology 1: Turning Points in Western Music
MUI1004 Aural Skills and Advanced Tonal Harmony
MUI2000 Musical Contexts from 1900 to the present: Concert music, Jazz and Music Theatre
MUI2002 Song-writing and Musicianship
MUI2003 Music Practice 3
MUI2004 Music Practice 4
MUI2005 Introduction to Music Technology
MUI2021 Music Ensemble 1
MUI2022 Music Ensemble 2
MUI3005 Music Practice 5
MUI3006 Music Practice 6
MUI3021 Music Ensemble 3
MUI3022 Music Ensemble 4
MUS1021 Music Craft 1
MUS1031 Music History 1
MUS2022 Music Craft 2
MUS2023 Music Craft 3
MUS2024 Music Craft 4
MUS2032 Music History 2
MUS2033 Music History 3
MUS2041 Studio Teaching 1
MUS2042 Studio Teaching 2
MUS2087 Introduction to Popular Music
MUS3025 Music Craft 5
MUS3026 Music Craft 6
MUS3043 Studio Teaching 3
MUS3044 Studio Teaching 4
MUS4011 Advanced Music Study 1
MUS4012 Advanced Music Study 2