2010 USQ Course synopses - N

Course Description
NSC1500 Biophysical Sciences in Nursing
NSC2500 Pharmacology and Pathophysiology for Nurses
NUR1120 Social Determinants of Health
NUR1140 Responsible Nursing Practice
NUR1200 Concepts in Patient Care
NUR2000 Medications: Theory and Practice
NUR2099 Clinical A Assessment and Care
NUR2100 Episodes of Nursing Practice
NUR2199 Clinical AA Situated Practice
NUR2200 Mental Health Nursing Care
NUR2300 Research Methods for Nursing
NUR2400 Nursing Models of Care
NUR2499 Clinical B: Nursing Care in Context
NUR2500 Nursing Older People
NUR2599 Clinical C: Nursing Care for Mental Health
NUR3010 Rehabilitation in Community Settings
NUR3020 Transition to Professional Practice
NUR3030 Indigenous Health and Cross Cultural Care
NUR3060 Nursing Research
NUR3099 Clinical D: Nursing for Communities
NUR3120 Nurses as Leaders in Health Care Settings
NUR3200 Managing Complex Care
NUR3499 Clinical E: The Beginning Practitioner
NUR3650 Advanced Health Assessment
NUR5520 Introduction to Counselling Skills
NUR8030 Health Organisation and Development
NUR8040 Qualitative Research Methods
NUR8340 The Law and Health Care Practice
NUR8510 The Reflective Practitioner and Theorist
NUR8550 Professional Studies 1
NUR8560 Professional Studies 2
NUR9010 Master of Nursing/Midwifery/Health Project A
NUR9011 Master of Nursing/Midwifery/Health Project B
NUR9021 Master of Health Dissertation A
NUR9022 Master of Health Dissertation B
NUR9023 Master of Health Dissertation C
NUR9024 Master of Health Dissertation D