2010 USQ Course synopses - P

Course Description
PDC5111 Introduction to Accounting Systems with MYOB
PDC5112 Advanced Accounting Systems with MYOB
PDC5113 Producing and Analysing Financial Information with MYOB
PDC5311 The Personal Financial Planning Environment
PDC5312 The Components of Personal Financial Planning
PDC5313 The Personal Financial Planning Process
PDC5321 Corporate Finance: Introductory Concepts
PDC5322 Corporate Finance: Capital Budgeting
PDC5323 Corporate Finance: The Cost of Capital
PDC5411 Marketing ABCs
PDC5412 Keeping Pace with the Customer Revolution
PDC5413 Business Success through Marketing Planning
PDC5511 People @ Work
PDC5512 Leadership @ Work
PDC5513 Organisation Dynamics @ Work
PDC5611 The Networked Enterprise
PDC5612 Information Technology Infrastructure
PDC5613 Key System Applications for the Digital Age
PDC5711 The Australian Legal System
PDC5712 Introduction to Crime, Torts and Agency for Business People
PDC5713 Introduction to Contract
PHY1101 Astronomy 1
PHY1104 Physics Concepts 1
PHY1107 Astronomy 2
PHY1911 Physics Concepts 2
PHY2204 Astronomy and Astrophysics
PHY2206 Medical Physics
PHY3302 Advanced Topics in Physics
PHY3303 Modern Physics
POL1000 Government, Business and Society
POL2000 Political and Economic Ideas
POL2001 Politics and International Business
POL3013 Sustainability and Politics
POL8013 Environmental Politics and Policy
PRI4001 Internship: Professional Project
PRI4002 The Beginning Professional
PRL1002 Principles and Practice of Public Relations
PRL1003 Reputation Management
PRL2001 Issues and Crisis Management
PRL2002 Community Consultation and Development
PRL2003 Writing for Public Relations
PRL2004 Issues in Organisational Communication
PRL3001 Public Relations Campaign Development
PRL3002 Public Relations Project
PRL5000 Corporate Communication
PRL5002 Strategic Issues and Crisis Management
PRL5004 Professional Communication
PRL5021 Professional Communication Project
PRL8003 Strategic Communication Planning
PRL8004 Financial Communication
PRL8005 Management Communication
PRL8006 Strategic Communication Project
PRL8007 Deliberative Community Participation and Engagement
PRT4000 Internship: Primary and Middle School Educators
PRT4201 Becoming Numerate
PRT4202 Educating for Healthy Communities
PSY1010 Foundation Psychology A
PSY1020 Foundation Psychology B
PSY1030 Cross-Cultural and Indigenous Psychology
PSY1101 Critical Thinking
PSY1102 Interpersonal Skills
PSY1104 Psychological Skills A
PSY1105 Psychological Skills B
PSY2010 Social Processes of Behaviour
PSY2020 Motivation and Emotion
PSY2030 Developmental Psychology
PSY2040 Human Information Processing
PSY2050 Facilitation and Negotiation
PSY2100 Research Methods in Psychology A
PSY2104 Psychological Skills C
PSY2105 Psychological Skills D
PSY3010 Assessment of Behaviour
PSY3030 Abnormal Behaviour
PSY3050 Counselling Psychology
PSY3080 Human Factors
PSY3101 Career Assessment and Development
PSY3104 Psychological Skills E
PSY3105 Psychological Skills F
PSY3110 Clinical Health Psychology
PSY3111 Research Methods in Psychology B
PSY3120 History and Systems of Psychology
PSY3250 Sport Psychology
PSY3730 Industrial and Organisational Psychology
PSY4001 Psychology Honours Project 1
PSY4002 Psychology Honours Project 2
PSY4010 Multivariate Statistics A
PSY4011 Multivariate Statistics B
PSY4020 Ethical and Professional Practice
PSY4030 Skills and Issues in Counselling
PSY4040 Advanced Psychological Theory
PSY4070 Advanced Assessment
PSY4080 Psychology Complementary Studies A
PSY4090 Psychology Complementary Studies B
PSY5030 Introduction to Psychoactive Drugs
PSY5040 Relapse Prevention
PSY8010 Issues and Skills in Professional Practice
PSY8020 Advanced Research Techniques
PSY8030 Group Interventions
PSY8040 Individual Assessment
PSY8045 Clinical Assessment and Intervention I
PSY8050 Clinical Assessment and Intervention II
PSY8060 Health Psychology
PSY8065 Adult Psychopathology
PSY8071 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
PSY8090 Advanced Individual Intervention
PSY8130 Practicum 1
PSY8140 Practicum 2
PSY8150 Practicum 3
PSY8151 Masters Practicum 3
PSY8160 Psychology Masters Project A
PSY8170 Psychology Masters Project B
PSY8180 Advanced Practicum
PSY8601 Psychology Doctorate Project A
PSY8602 Psychology Doctorate Project B
PSY8603 Psychology Doctorate Project C
PSY8604 Psychology Doctorate Project D
PUB5001 Introduction to Editing and Publishing
PUB5002 Writing for Editors: Basic
PUB5003 Editing Practice
PUB5004 Writing for Editors: Advanced
PUB5005 Publishing and Production Management
PUB5006 Issues in Publishing and Technology
PUB8001 Publishing and Production Management Project