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BIO8102 Immunopathology

Units : 1
Faculty or Section : Faculty of Sciences
School or Department : Biological & Physical Sciences


Pre-requisite: BIO2205 or BIO4205 or equivalent


This course provides the principles underpinning humoral or cellular defence mechanisms associated with the host response to infection. The course includes a study of innate defence mechanisms, antigenic specificity, induction of humoral and cellular immune responses, immunoglobulin structure, function and genetic basis of antibody diversity, the role of the immune system in health and disease including cell-mediated immunity, hypersensitivity reactions, autoimmunity, immune
tolerance, and vaccine development strategies. The course also leads students to understand the mechanisms of microbial pathogenesis with specific emphasis on viral diseases affecting humans.
The course provides candidates with a perspective of the diversity associated with medical microbiology investigations and provides students with career choices for their future. Candidates will undertake research methods training by completing an Investigative Research report. Students will be involved in the development and application of conventional and molecular technologies for organizing, analysing and interpreting complex immunological and microbiological data. The course will provide advanced practical experience in immunological methodology. Candidates will undertake laboratory exercises in a group environment, but will be required to prepare independent reports for assessment. Students will develop microbiological investigative and analytical skills and be able to provide advanced technical reports and recommendations on the management of immunological disease syndromes. Specific Topics will be published in the course handbook and/or provided by electronic communication.

Course offers

Semester Mode Campus
Semester 1, 2011 On-campus Toowoomba