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Maintaining your academic integrity in the alternate assessment period

How to maintain your academic integrity during the alternate assessment period


  • Prepare for your exam using your own notes and resources
  • Make yourself aware of the support available if you’re experiencing hardship. For example if you’re unable to complete your exams due to medical, work or personal grounds you can apply for a deferred exam.
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection and reliable device.  If you are concerned, you can access USQ’s 24 hour computer labs to complete your assessments.
  • Ensure you have fully completed, and submitted your exams by the set closing date and time.
  • Turn off any VPNs or location masking devices while completing your online assessment –VPN use can be an indicator of academic misconduct.
  • Contact USQ for support. If you encounter a technical failure during your assessment you must telephone USQ within 15 minutes of losing access. 24/7 support is available during the alternate assessment period.


  • Don’t refer to notes that you have shared such as summaries or notes from classes with other students to avoid having highly similar answers in the exam
  • Don’t arrange to do your exam together with your friends – although you may have honest intentions, if we detect students completing the exams at the same time and in the same location, this may amount to collusion
  • Don’t attempt an exam on your phone as it may slow you down
  • Don’t use websites that have example answers and solutions available to purchase. Under Australia’s anti-cheating laws, the promotion or sale of academic cheating services is illegal. 

Still not sure? Visit the alternate assessment website or contact the iconnect team if you have any questions!