Applying for a deferred exam

Deferred exams may be offered if you cannot sit your exam due to: 

  • medical reasons
  • family/personal reasons
  • employment-related reasons.

How to apply

To apply for a deferred exam, please complete the online application for deferred examination, attaching your supporting documentation. You must submit your application and supporting documentation within 10 University business days of the examination. 

Deferring for medical reasons

You must provide a medical certificate (USQ medical certificate preferred) completed by a medical practitioner indicating you were unfit to sit an exam on the date of your exam.

Deferring for family/personal reasons

If you are applying for a deferred exam for family/personal reasons, supporting documentary evidence from a medical practitioner, counsellor or another such member of the community must be included with your application.

Deferring for employment-related reasons

If deferring for employment-related reasons, a statement from your employer (in English) indicating that you cannot be released from work to sit your exam must be included with your application.