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Formal examination procedures

Please note that end of semester paper exams have been replaced  with alternate forms of assessment in each of your relevant courses for 2021 due to COVID-19.

These alternate forms of assessment do not require your physical attendance at a campus or examination centre and your exam timetable has been replaced by the Alternate Assessment Schedule.

For all information on end of semester assessment for 2021 please see the Alternate assessment page.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of your exam timetable details, including the date, starting time and venue. 

Prior to sitting a formal examination, you should familiarise yourself with the Formal Examinations Procedure. You must ensure that you adhere to these procedures while sitting your exam.


  1. If you are sitting an exam at Ipswich, Springfield or Toowoomba campuses and any other venues in Toowoomba, you must bring your USQ student ID card for identification purposes.
  2. If you are sitting an exam at any other venue, you must provide appropriate photographic identification, ideally your USQ student ID card (or driver's license, passport) to sit your exam.
  3. You must leave your photo id on display at all times throughout your exam. 

Communication and instructions 

  1. With the exception of the examination supervisor, you are not permitted to communicate in any form with other parties during the exam, including during any temporary absence from the exam room. Any communication will be considered as cheating and treated as serious academic misconduct and may result in the cancellation of your exam.
  2. You must comply with all instructions published in the Formal Examinations Procedure, on an examination paper, answer booklet, answer sheet, any notice displayed in the examinations room and with any reasonable instructions given by an Examinations Supervisor.
  3. You are responsible for ensuring your name and student number is recorded on your exam paper and all booklets used.

Entering and leaving the room 

  1. If you are feeling unwell on the day of you exam, you should not enter the exam room and attempt the exam. You are encouraged to apply for a deferred exam.
  2. If you are already sitting a deferred exam, you are unable to apply for a further deferred exam and should contact your faculty for advice.
  3. Once you have sighted the exam paper, you are deemed to have sat the exam.
  4. You will not normally be allowed entry to the exam room after 25% of the time allotted for the exam has expired.
  5. You are not normally permitted to leave the exam room before half of the time allotted for the exam has passed, unless under exceptional circumstances.
  6. If you need to temporarily leave the exam room you must obtain permission from, and be accompanied by, an examinations supervisor.
  7. You will not be permitted to leave the exam room during the last 15 minutes of your exam.

Exam materials  

  1. No food or drink is allowed in the exam room with the exception of water in a clear unlabelled bottle.
  2. No electronic devices can be taken into an exam room (including electronic dictionaries and mobile phones).
  3. You are required to provide your own writing instruments and any other permitted items. 
  4. You are not permitted to share or borrow exam materials/equipment under any circumstances.
  5. You will not be permitted to continue writing once the examination supervisor calls an end to the exam. 
  6. You are not permitted to retain the blue exam paper or exam booklets.  

Failure to comply

A student who fails to comply with the Administration of Formal Examination Procedure may be subject to a misconduct charge as outlined in the Academic Integrity Policy.