How to apply

Once you are ready to apply, follow our checklist for study abroad and exchange students (PDF 465KB).

Steps to applying

  1. Choose which university you would like to attend. Email to discuss your options.
  2. Research the courses offered at your host institution, and make a list of possible course matches. Contact your faculty for approval for your course choices.
  3. Get references from two different lecturers or tutors who have taught you in your current USQ program. Make sure that you approach them well in advance of the application deadline so that they have enough time to write the reference.
  4. Write a statement of purpose explaining your reasons for wanting to study overseas, what you hope to achieve and how the experience will affect your academic, personal and career goals.
  5. Complete the Study Abroad Application form (PDF 123 KB).
  6. Email to make an appointment with the Student Mobility Officer.

When do I need to apply?

  • Semester 1: Application to be received by 31 August (the previous year)
  • Semester 2: Application to be received by 31 March (or 14 February if applying through the ISEP program).

Please note some institutions have earlier deadlines, email for more information.

Has my application been successful?

Your application will be assessed and once approved, it is forwarded to the host university. If approved, the host university will notify you of their acceptance of your application. You will also be required to fill in a host university application form which will be provided to you.

Receiving your offer

When you receive the offer letter, it is your responsibility to fill in all of the necessary forms, organise your accommodation and apply for your visa. If you require assistance, please email The Student Mobility Officer can guide you through this process and take care of sending and receiving documents on your behalf. 

If you are participating in an: 

  • Exchange program: you must remain enrolled at USQ during your time abroad. The Student Mobility Officer takes care of your enrolment once it is confirmed that you have accepted an offer from your host institution.
  • Study Abroad program: you must take a leave of absence from your USQ studies while abroad.

Visa requirements

To study overseas, most countries require students to have a student visa. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade provides links to all foreign embassies and consulates in Australia. You should contact the relevant embassy or consulate for details.