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Informal complaints

Many problems and issues occur through misunderstanding and, in most cases, these can be resolved quickly and informally. USQ encourages you to try to resolve your problem or concern in the first instance directly with the relevant person face-to-face, via Zoom or other online platform, by telephone, or set out your concerns in an email. Refer to the staff directory for staff contact details. 

Academic matters such as assessment, group work or academic misconduct issues, can be raised with the relevant academic staff member such as your Lecturer, Course Examiner or Head of School.

When you contact the relevant staff member, provide them with as much detail as possible about the specifics of your issue. Advise them why you think the decision or action is incorrect or unfair and the resolution you are looking for. Communicate your concerns in a clear, respectful and courteous manner. It is best to try to resolve issues informally as soon as possible after they occur.

If you are unsure who to approach about your issue you can contact iconnect, your first point of contact when you need information, or ask for assistance from the USQ Student Guild.