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Stage 2: Review

Before submitting a request for a review, you are encouraged to discuss the matter with the decision maker, who can inform you of the reasons for the decision. 

After this discussion, you can request a review of the decision by a senior officer of the University by submitting a request for a review.

Your request for review must be made within 20 University business days of being advised of the decision or outcome.

Reviewable decisions include:

  • The outcome of a Stage 1 formal complaint
  • A formal decision made by the University where the policy or procedure relevant to the original decision provides an option for the decision to be reviewed. For example:     
    • Denial of admission or readmission to a University program
    • Assessment of financial assistance schemes, student and OS-HELP loans, Student fee refunds
    • Credit and exemption assessments
    • Final grades (must be submitted within 10 University business days)
    • Requests for International Student transfer between providers 
    • Disability support or adjustments
    • Commonwealth Supported Place eligibility.

Review of decision requests must detail the reason for the request, which may include: 

  • Relevant factors that the original decision-maker did not take into account;
  • Irrelevant factors that the original decision-maker took into account but should not have;
  • Why the original decision was incorrect given the circumstances in which the matter arose; 
  • Additional relevant information; or
  • Procedural errors.

The USQ Student Guild Advocacy Office offers free confidential support for USQ students and is able to assist you with the drafting of your review of decision request and ensuring that you have provided all of the necessary documentation.