How much will I pay?

Full lists of fees for each course are available:

Student Services and Amenities Fee

In accordance with Australian Government legislation, USQ charges a compulsory Student Services and Amenities Fee (SA Fee)

This fee is intended to provide you with enhanced student services related to: 

  • health and welfare
  • orientation and support
  • student development and enrichment
  • student assistance programs. 

Look for the symbol for programs supported by your Students amenities fee. 

Supported by USQ and your Student Amenities Fee

Other study costs

While tuition fees are the main costs associated with going to uni, there are some other costs to consider, for example:

Charges can also apply to certain administrative actions, for example:

Action  2018 Fee
Replacement of a graduate's testamur (certificate)   AUD85 *
Replacement testamur (digital copy)  AUD50
A copy of a student's own marked examination script  N/A
A copy of student's own official Academic Transcript  AUD25 per copy *
Official Academic Transcript (digital copy)  AUD15
An official copy of graduate's own AHEGS (Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement) statement  AUD30 per copy *
Replacement AHEGS (digital copy)  AUD15
Extension of time to pay tuition/direct fees  AUD175
Graduation Ceremony fee  AUD135
Completion Letter  AUD15 per copy *
Other customised letters  AUD20 per copy *

Authentication of Graduation documents (any number in one transaction) including testamur, official Academic Transcript and AHEGS

 AUD15 per copy *
 $4.95 - standard post within Australia; $12 - Express post within Australia; $25 - TNT Courier overseas 

 Service  2018 Fee 
Student Services and Amenities Fee    $37.25 per unit/credit point*  

 * Subject to Commonwealth indexation

Financial assistance

At USQ, we understand that studying at university is not only challenging on an academic level, but also on a financial level. Additional financial support information is provided to assist you manage your finances while studying.