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Restrictions, cancellations and reinstatements

As a student at USQ it is important to be familiar with our policies and procedures, in relation to:

  • refund of fees
  • restrictions, cancellations and reinstatements.

It is important to be aware of your fee responsibilities, which are:

  • to pay your fees by the due date to avoid restrictions and cancellations
  • to keep your mailing address and other contact details up-to-date on our system
  • to contact the University before the due date if you believe your online invoice is incorrect
  • to make payment immediately for any debt incurred on the rare occasion when a course is added near to, or after, the due date
  • to monitor your financial information online regularly via UConnect
  • to complete a Commonwealth Assistance Form where necessary, by no later than the census date.

USQ's fee responsibilities are:

  • to display your fee liability on UConnect and publish the date fees are due
  • to ensure the charges on your account are correct
  • to publish and maintain a full schedule of course fees
  • to administer the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) for eligible students.

USQ may take the following action for non-payment of fees:

  • restrict your access to USQStudyDesk 
  • cancellation of enrolment in the current semester for full fee paying students
  • reinstatement of semester enrolment for eligible students who pay their tuition/direct fees in full within two weeks of the census date
  • cancellation of enrolment in the current semester for Commonwealth Supported students where upfront payment is required
  • cancellation of enrolment in the current semester for non-submission of a Commonwealth Assistance form where required.