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Your grade point average (GPA)

A Grade Point Average (GPA) is the average of all your final grades for courses within a program, weighted by the unit value of each of those courses.

The numerical value assigned to each final grade to calculate your GPA for a program are: 

Numerical value 7 6 5 4 3 1.5
Semester 2, 2007 onwards HD A B C D F

Please note that for the purposes of calculating GPA's, all Failing grades (F, FNP, FNS, FNC and FLW) have a numerical value of 1.5 as noted in the Grades Schedule.

Courses for which exemptions have been granted are not included in the calculation of a GPA, but courses transferred for credit are included.

Your Grade Point Average

You can find out what your current GPA on your unofficial academic transcript. To print your academic history/unofficial academic transcript:

  • go to UConnect
  • select the Udo tab
  • click on the Student Centre
  • select other options and in the drop down box select Transcript: View Unofficial.

This will open a PDF document in a new browser window or tab, so please ensure your browser configurations allow pop-ups.

Please note that printing off your academic history is not an Official Academic Transcript.