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Are you going to graduate?

After Results Release in your final semester, if you have not received a 'Congratulations Graduand!' email via your UMail address please contact your Faculty (Faculty of Health Engineering & Sciences, Faculty of Business, Education, Law & Arts),  Open Access College or Office of Research to ascertain whether you've completed the requirements of your academic program, and are able to graduate.

Once you are approved as 'eligible to graduate'

Once you're approved as 'eligible to graduate', you'll receive a 'Congratulations Graduand!' email and the Graduations Office will mail your Graduation Pack. You should receive this approximately three weeks after Results Release in your final semester. You'll receive:

If you believe you're eligible to graduate and don't receive your 'Congratulations Graduand!' email and Graduation Pack, please contact your Faculty, Open Access College or Office of Research via the above links.

NOTE: If you don't receive your Graduation Pack within four weeks of your 'Congratulations Graduand!' email, contact the Graduations Office immediately. If you do not contact the office within three months of receiving this email you may be required to purchase replacement documents.