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Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring programs are an ideal platform for mentors to share their experience and develop their leadership skills, while students benefit from sharing ideas, engaging with others and expanding their scope for success.
PASS is offered in many of our First Year Courses. PASS sessions are facilitated by a current student who has previously excelled in the course. They facilitate weekly, one hour study sessions where students explore difficult course content and develop a deeper understanding of the course materials. Discover if PASS is offered in one of your courses through the PASS page.

The English Conversation Club (ECC) is a weekly program that runs from January to October. Sessions are open to all USQ students and you can join at any time.

This is an informal environment supporting students as they enhance their spoken English. You will have the opportunity to practice speaking and listening in a dynamic environment and students decide what topics they’d like to discuss.

We run both on-campus and online sessions via zoom. For more information and to join, jump onto the Peer Mentoring Study Desk.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I attend ECC?
Practice English speaking skills, make friends, build confidence in discussing different topics, and learn about cultures.

Where is ECC offered?
We have in person sessions on the USQ Toowoomba campus and an online session via zoom. You can find out when these are on our Study Desk.

How does a typical session run?
Our ECC leaders prepare a topic and slides every session based on what students want. The discussion is usually in small groups to give plenty of opportunities for you to practice your speaking skills.

Can non-USQ students attend?
No, the ECC is only available to current USQ students.

Murri Mentoring is a deadly way to connect with Mob and be supported throughout your study and Uni-Life journey.  Through Murri Mentoring, our focus is to help keep you connected to Country and help you adjust to your higher learning adventure at USQ. 

Your Murri Mentor will run weekly group yarning circles via zoom with other students as well as posting vlogs and content to help you thrive at university. As an integral partner of the College of Indigenous Studies, Education & Research (CISER) and USQ, Murri Mentoring aims to connect students with a wide variety of support services that reflect USQ's values of Respect, Integrity and Excellence.

For more information and to get involved jump onto the Peer Mentoring Study Desk or email Peer Learning.

A-Skills is a peer support program developed with and for students with autism*. This online program is offered during semesters 1 and 2 and includes both a course page for self-paced learning and regular small group sessions with an A-Skills Mentor.

A-Skills Mentors provide an inclusive and informal space for peer-to-peer support. They offer guidance on various topics including support at USQ, time management, study techniques, self-care, disclosure, self-advocacy, and university services and processes.

For further information email Peer Learning or A-Skills.

*A-Skills is open to autistic students and those with Asperger’s. No formal diagnosis is required.

Frequently asked questions

Who runs A-Skills?
A-Skills sessions are facilitated by a current USQ student who is Autistic.

How was A-Skills Developed?
A-Skills was initially developed by Student Success and Wellbeing in partnership with some of our students who have autism.

Do you need a diagnosis?
No, you don’t need a formal diagnosis.

Who will know if I participate in A-Skills?
The A-Skills group is private and only students who are part of the group and the Coordinator (Peer Learning) will know you are involved. The A-Skills Mentor takes attendance at sessions which is submitted to the Coordinator (Peer Learning). The data is then de-identified and only used as part of reporting on the participation numbers and reach of all the peer mentoring programs at USQ.

I know how to study, is there something like a social group to meet with other students?
While the sessions are designed to support learning, there are opportunities each session for students to get to know each other a bit more. The informal sessions also give students the opportunity to share their successes and difficulties with study to seek support from each other. Students are encouraged to support each other through these study difficulties by sharing strategies and tips that work for them.

The best thing about Film, TV or Radio programs are their hands on nature. The Film, TV and Radio Mentor is an experienced USQ student who has excelled in their program. They know a lot of the ins and outs of the different equipment and editing tools used throughout our various programs.

The mentor can help you work through questions you might not feel comfortable asking during class and explain concepts in different ways that you might find useful.

Several sessions will be run each week and you can view the full online schedule. Students don’t need to register, just rock up at one of the sessions and our Mentor will get you involved.

For more information or if you have any questions, please jump onto the Peer Mentoring Study Desk or email Peer Learning.

Pathways Connect is a program that supports students who are enrolled in the USQ TPP program. Pathways Connect is facilitated by a past TPP student who is currently enrolled in a USQ degree.

Your pathways mentor facilitates weekly group sessions that help you connect with other students, develop effective study habits, and assists your transition into life as a university student. The pathways mentor has been in your shoes and understands what it’s like getting started at university.

Whether you want to learn how to navigate the Study Desk or connect with a supportive group to share the highs and challenges of studying, we encourage you to get involved with Pathways Connect.

To find out more, join the Peer Mentoring Study Desk or email Peer Learning.

Head Start Connect is a program that helps you connect and navigate your first foray into university. You can think of it like a 'lunch break' at school; you get to take a break from the rigours of study to connect with other Head Start students and share the university journey together.

Head Start Connect is facilitated by a past Head Start student who is now studying a USQ degree.

Your Head Start Mentor facilitates weekly group sessions that will help you connect with other Head Start students, develop effective study habits and transition into life as a university student. Your mentor may also loop in expert guests to help you navigate things like referencing and unpacking assignment questions.

To find out more, join the Peer Mentoring Study Desk or email Peer Learning.

Residential Colleges STEP Program operates in each of USQ’s three residential colleges: McGregor, Steele Rudd, and Concannon.

The program provides new students with a personalised service to assist you with settling into your studies.  The STEP program aims to bring together students from the same faculty to assist you through your first semester of study.

The sessions are relaxed and comfortable and designed to ensure you feel confident contacting your mentor if you have any questions.

Although formal mentoring only runs for the first semester of study, it is hoped that the relationships your build during this time will extend throughout your studies and beyond.

For more information and to get involved please email USQ Residential Colleges or jump onto the Peer Mentoring Study Desk.

Phone: +61 7 3812 6309