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Stress Less Week

We are looking out for your mental health with Stress Less Week (SLW), 9-13 October 2017.

All students are welcome to attend any and all activities during SLW regardless of whether you study on-campus or online.

Online program

The online program consists of three activities for you to complete each day, focusing on different elements of mental wellbeing - mind, body and soul. Most of the activities can be completed at any time but some sessions, such as Mentally preparing for exams and Dealing with stress are at specific times and require registration.

Monday 9 October Mind Academic Success Planner
  Body Healthy meal prep for the week
  Soul Mindfulness of the Breath
  Bonus task Say hello to someone you don't know
Tuesday 10 October Mind

Mentally preparing for exams - online session (max. five attendees)

Body HealthyU @ USQ - exercises
  Soul Mindful body scan
  Bonus task Stand up where you are and sing three lines from your favourite song
Wednesday 11 October Mind Study checklist
  Body Healthy recipes
  Soul Breath Relax App
  Bonus task Send a positive message to someone in your contacts
Thursday 12 October Mind League of Legends Competition
Register online by 5pm, Wednesday 11 October
  Body Super Better App (iOS or Android)
  Soul Yoga to release anxiety and stress
  Bonus task Chug a glass of water
Friday 13 October Mind Dealing with stress - online session (max. five attendees)
  Body DIY Super cool squishy stress ball
  Soul Mindful walking
  Bonus task Turn off all devices and sit quietly (eyes closed) for five minutes
All week Competition Online scavenger hunt - WIN A FITBIT FLEX 2!
Opens 9.00am Monday 9 October and closes 4pm, Friday 13 October.

Stress Less Chill (Spotify)
Stress Less Lay it Down (Spotify)
Stress Less Power On (Spotify)
Stress Less Take Me Back (Spotify)
Stress Less Let it Out (Spotify)


If you are struggling with your stress or any other health and wellbeing issues please contact Student Services