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"Harmony Day 21"

USQ Harmony Day

Join us for the ultimate cultural experience through live entertainment, international cuisine, and traditional activities.
22 - 24 MAR 2021
USQ Toowoomba, Ipswich and Springfield

Harmony Day is a time to celebrate multiculturalism within our community. It is about inclusiveness, respect, and a sense of belonging for everyone. This event will open your eyes to the history, vibrancy, and cultural diversity of those around us.

We are looking for students, teachers, performers, and others with cultural skills to take part in this year’s Harmony Day. Want to participate? Register your interest through the short online form.


Day Location
Monday 22 March
Challinor Court, USQ Ipswich
Tuesday 23 March*
B Block Atrium, USQ Springfield
Wednesday 24 March
Quad, USQ Toowoomba

*Notice: The Harmony Day event at USQ Springfield has been cancelled today due to the severe weather warning and the direction from the Queensland Premier, recommending to stay off the roads.
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Join Harmony Day at USQ Ipswich, Monday 22 March.

USQ Ipswich


Join Harmony Day at USQ Springfield, Tuesday 23 March.

USQ Springfield


Join Harmony Day at USQ Toowoomba, 24 March.


Want to participate?

We're excited to have you at Harmony Day this year.

Perform a song, teach origami, share a cultural dance or do something completely different. How will you share your culture?