New to USQ

  • Eligibility to receive credit

    Find out if you are eligible to receive credit for previous study or work experience to reduce the number of courses you need to study, allowing you to complete your degree sooner!

  • Study skills

    Become familiar with and start developing the study skills you will need before you start your courses.

  • Computer skills

    At university, you will need to complete assessments and present professionally written documents using word processing software. USQ ICT Training also offers free fortnightly sessions for students designed to assist students develop their skills.

  • Scholarships

    Check out the scholarships and bursaries available and find out how you can receive financial assistance for your learning journey.

  • Your expectations and responsibilities

    It is important to understand both students' reasonable expectations of the University, as well as the responsibilities expected by the University of its students.

  • Parking permits

    If you are studying at USQ Springfield or Ipswich, you will need to display a parking permit on your dashboard in the designated USQ car parks. As a student, you are eligible to receive this for free.

  • Orientation

    At Orientation you can find all the information you will need to successfully navigate your first few weeks and settle into your studies. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people and have some fun.

  • Your Student Centre

    Visit your Student Centre and confirm your personal details are correct. You will also need to complete you tuition fee form.

  • Enrol

    Check your recommended enrolment pattern in the USQ Handbook and enrol in your courses as soon as you can.

  • UConnect

    Familiarise yourself with your student portal, UConnect. From UConnect you can directly access your email, enter your course sites in StudyDesk, manage your week through your USQ calendar, access Student Centre to manage your enrolment and pay your fees and stay informed.

  • UMail

    Log onto your UMail account and check your emails. All USQ communication will be sent to your UMail.

  • USQStudyDesk

    Check in regularly with your USQStudyDesk to ensure you keep up to date with all course information, forums and resources, course notifications and study schedules.

  • Student ID cards

    Your student ID card is your gateway to studying at USQ and is necessary for sitting all end of semester exams.

  • Textbooks and study materials

    Organise your study materials and textbooks. All textbooks and materials can be purchased through the Omnia website or at each Omnia bookshop on-campus.

  • Important dates

    While you are preparing for the start of the semester, this is also a good time for you to familiarise yourself with other important student dates that apply to you.

  • Meet your SRO

    From the moment you enrol through to the day you graduate, you’ll have a dedicated Student Relationship Officer (SRO) to call on whenever you need assistance.

  • Review your enrolment

    Any changes to your enrolment, such as dropping a course, needs to be finalised before the census date to avoid incurring fees or receiving a fail grade for any course you may not complete.

  • Get involved

    Get involved in student events and activities, clubs, sporting activities and leadership events outside the classroom by connecting with USQ Phoenix Central.

  • Study support

    Access study support to help develop your academic writing, maths and referencing skills. Check for upcoming workshops or book a one-on-one consultation.

  • Health and wellbeing

    Take care of your wellbeing to better cope with everyday stressors and challenges.

  • Peer mentoring (Meet up)

    Check out the Meet Up program and study with other students to develop a deeper understanding of your course, engaging with a student leader.

Student Pocket Guide

Navigate USQ and make use of the many resources and support services.