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Commonwealth Assistance Form

Students who are enrolled in commonwealth supported places, or those who are eligible to obtain commonwealth assistance must submit a Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF).

Failure to submit a Commonwealth Assistance Form by the census date, will result in cancellation of your semester enrolment.

Who should submit a form 

  • All undergraduate and postgraduate students in Commonwealth supported places whether they are commencing or transferring to a new program.
  • All Commonwealth supported students whether they intend to pay upfront, or defer their student contribution.
  • All students who are not Commonwealth supported and therefore pay tuition/direct fees who wish to obtain a FEE-HELP loan.

Submitting your form

Commonwealth Assistance Forms may be submitted when you enrol online via UConnect > Student Centre > Finances > C'Wealth Assistance Forms. 

If you have issues with the Commonwealth Assistance form you can contact the: Fees and Enrolments office.

Important information

  • Commonwealth supported students who are required to submit a Commonwealth Assistance Form prior to the census date and fail to do so, will be cancelled from their semester’s enrolment.
  • Commonwealth supported students who fail to submit a Commonwealth Assistance Form when required to do so run the risk of having the payment due date pass without being invoiced and consequently having their enrolment cancelled for non-payment. In accordance with Commonwealth Government legislation, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the form is submitted and that relevant fees are fully paid by the date required.
  • Cancelled enrolments may not be reinstated after the census date for the semester.

Further information

Further information about about applying for a HELP loan is available from the Study Assist website.