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Paying your fees

We charge fees each semester and you only pay for the courses (subjects) you've enrolled in for that semester. You can access your online invoice via UConnect > Student Centre > Finance tile > Charges Due menu item.

It is important to check this information before making a payment to ensure your enrolment is correct. Any change to your enrolment after the semester census date will incur academic and financial penalty.

Late payment of fees may result in cancellations or restrictions, including web access denial, being placed on your enrolment.

How to pay

There are a number of ways you can pay your fees:

When do I have to pay?

Ensure you finalise the payment of your student account and/or finalise the deferral of your student contribution, by the payment due date.

The census date is the deadline on which all your enrolment related requirements must be finalised, and is the last day to drop courses without incurring fees or a fail grade.

How will I know how much to pay?

You may view your current invoice online via UConnect > Student Centre > Finance tile > Charges Due menu item, approximately two weeks before semester starts.

We recommend that you print your invoice because it will no longer be available once the current semester’s fees are paid.

It is important to check to ensure they are correct, and details on the invoice include:

  • course enrolment for the current semester
  • current transaction details
  • account balance for the semester, and
  • methods of payment.

Your statement of account

You can also view your statement of account online via UConnect > Student Centre > Finance tile > Statement of Account menu item. Details included on statements of account are:

  • charges and payments for the semester selected, and 
  • enrolment details for the semester selected.