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Full fee-paying students

Full fee paying places cover the full cost of courses and are higher than the student contribution amount paid by Commonwealth supported students for comparable course enrolments.

How much are the full fees?

Full fee paying fees will vary from each course, but are the same, no matter whether courses are studied on-campus, externally or via the web.

Full fee paying fee amounts are available via the Course Fee Finder for actual fee amounts for individual courses.

Can I defer my fees?

The options available to you when paying your full fees, depends on your citizenship or residency status:

Australian citizens and holders of a permanent humanitarian visa

 If you fall into this category and reside in Australia you are eligible for a Government loan called FEE-HELP. You can either:

  • defer payment of your full fees and pay it later through the Australian Tax Office once your yearly wage reaches a government determined threshold, or
  • pay full fees up-front to USQ.

Australian citizens residing overseas

If you are an Australian citizen and will be resident overseas for the duration of your program, you will not be eligible for FEE-Help

New Zealand citizens and holders of a permanent non-humanitarian visa

If you fall into this category, you are eligible for FEE-HELP only if you undertake a bridging course for overseas trained professionals. If you are not eligible for FEE-HELP you will be required to pay the full fees up-front to USQ.

From 1st January 2016 New Zealand citizens who hold a Special Category Visa and are resident in Australia may be eligible for FEE-Help if they meet certain eligibility criteria. Information on eligibility is available on the Study Assist website.

International students

International students are not supported by the Commonwealth and do not have the option to defer fees.

Further information

Further information about tuition/full fee paying can be obtained from the Study Assist website.