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Support and services

Once you are registered with USQ Disability Resources, we coordinate a range of support services to you, based on your individual needs.

Support services that may be available to you, include:

  • general support and advocacy
  • examination adjustments. For example; extra time, ergonomic chair, reformatting of exam, use of a scribe or reader
  • access to distance materials or lecture notes prior to classes
  • permission to record classes
  • assignment extensions
  • alternative formatting or required texts and study materials, for example enlarged font, electronic format, and Braille
  • assistive technology and equipment
  • tutoring and study room (Toowoomba campus), and
  • disability Support Workers, for example note takers, and sign interpreters.

Reasonable adjustments

Our Disability Counsellors will determine what reasonable adjustments are required for you to participate equitably at USQ. The main objective of these adjustments is to allow you the opportunity to achieve a grade based on merit and not be disadvantaged by the impact of your disability.

An adjustment is considered reasonable if it assists you to participate at university on the same basis as other students, taking into account your learning needs and balancing the interest of the university and other students.

Some options that may be available include:

  • exam adjustments 
  • assistive technology, and 
  • alternative formatting. 

Will all requests of students with disabilities be approved? 

Please remember that each request from Disability Resources is a recommendation only. Each request will be assessed to determine whether a particular adjustment is reasonable, and a number of factors will be considered including:

  • the nature of the disability
  • the information provided about how the disability will affect your ability to participate
  • your view about the proposed adjustment
  • the effect of the proposed adjustment on you and others, including the costs and benefits of making the adjustment
  • ensuring that the integrity of the course or program and assessment requirements and processes are maintained.

Requests for adjustments must be made within a reasonable timeframe to allow support to be organised. Contact Student Services to schedule an appointment with the Disability Resources to discuss your individual support needs.