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Additional software

The following software programs may be needed for some courses.

Application Programs  Version  
Safari Web Browser  10
Initial indications are that it is compatible with USQ learning platforms and administrative systems. Mac  Safari updates and support

Google Chrome
58.0 Google Chrome download

Thunderbird Latest
e-Mail client for Mac, Windows, or Linux. Thunderbird updates and support

Microsoft Outlook
2010 Microsoft's e-Mail Client

Mozilla Firefox Web Browser  53
Mozilla Firefox updates and support

Mac Mail
Latest Mac e-Mail Client OS X in-built apps

Mac Calendar
Latest Mac Calendar Client OS X in-built apps

Open Office for Mac, Windows or Linux  4.1.2
Open source Office productivity tool. Not supported by USQ but maybe suitable for some students.
Open Office updates and support 

LibreOffice for Mac, Linux, and/or Windows 5.3

Open source Office productivity tool
Not supported by USQ but maybe suitable for some students
LibreOffice updates and support

QuickTime player  Latest
QuickTime Player latest version
QuickTime Player support
About QuickTime Player
Shockwave (Macromedia)  Latest Shockwave latest version
Shockwave Support page